Does anyone remember the days where you used to either do garbage clean up with your school or like me with my parents and brought bottles to the depot and put the coins earned in a piggy bank? My favorite childhood “human” to this day was my kindergarten teacher. She used to let me live my wildest creations with tools that were unwanted anymore and could be re-used with a little love. Not to mention by this you are stretching the time span of it ending up in landfills. Yeah, I was that kid.

 But with my passion for fashion as well, I begged my mother to purchase anything that would have a big fat sticker over it endorsing the safety of marine life or any animal. The first time I saw someone turn nothing into something was at an art fair where this girl made a dress out of bubble gum wrappers and my little heart couldn’t take it.

Imagine walking down the big city with a unique purse with that same idea? Well… you can.

There are times where I simply could not believe a very chic handbag I laid my eyes on was made out of tires or seat belts. If you think about it, it makes for a really good party piece if you need to start-up conversation.

Ecosit on Etsy Made out of Candy Wrappers
Urban Junket
Uncommon Goods


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