The Story of Progoti: An Inside Look to Bangladesh’s Garment Industry

You could say that a woman who has seen and experienced different cultures would be fluent in connecting and being able to read stories immediately just by looking at their eyes. Nurjahan Begum who is the founder of Progoti is becoming a flag barrier in Toronto by continuing to light the torch of those suffering the lack of human rights in Bangladesh and beyond.

The difference between Progoti and many brands are, of course, focusing their energy on social welfare but also allowing their customers to experience non-inflated prices and still being able to give a living wage to their team. They also have a contribution page where you can donate extra funds almost like a crowd share as how they explained it, so Progoti can purchase retirement packages for their workers.

They’re expert operator Morzina who is also overseeing project management is a prime example of why the fair trade movement should continue to be on the rise. At just 3 years old Morzina lost her mother which was a deterrent from having access to school. By the age of 9, she took on the wants and needs around the house, a trait her father simply could not afford without. Morzina left what she knew behind and went to her sisters home in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka which then she was exposed to the garment industry.

They explained since North America and Europe have been the demand for fast fashion retailers it put pressure on people like Morzina when manufacturers need to lower costs, which becomes an unsafe environment.

Progoti is not looking to be the next Amazon or Walmart but if they did have an imaginary mall such as the Eaton Centre that was filled with the same social enterprise movement their store would consist of being more focused on how their business works instead of a glamorized aesthetic. To them, it would be a family like experience such as a showroom that still would have customers leaving with knowledge and infographics on the ins-and-outs of the industry. Think of it as the new wave of customer service.

Nurjahan and Progoti would like to connect with other brands to grow the impactful change. Progoti themselves are an ethical sourcing house so they carry many options for small brands that are looking for partners. As we say “more heads collaborating is always better than one.” If you would like to connect with Nurjahan you can email

We would like to thank Nurjahan for taking the time and reaching out to us for this interview as Rad and Raw love’s chatting with not just only good people but those that are honest which is rare in any industry you find.

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