I would probably consider myself to be the OG of bushy eyebrows, if you collect the data of strangers that stopped me on the street. This isn’t a Godzilla attack or growing caterpillars but I guess people appreciate the art of the brow. I remember any time I would get my nails done the lady at the counter would look slightly mortified when she took a look at the brow growth with no clean cut line.

Today they would either be considered the boy brow or the model brow. I can successfully say that I lived throughout the early 2000s without touching “them”, besides the little touch up I would do by myself.

To be honest there are too many products that people think they need to achieve this look when in actuality it’s a few easy steps that you probably already have in your washroom. If you are cleaning house sort of speak, this would be a great time to dive into the world of vegan beauty, if you haven’t already.

The best part about the boy brow is it so unisex and I don’t really see many males on YouTube showcasing this look by enhancing what they already have. Laying down the groundwork takes a few extra minutes to prep but I can say it’s totally worth it.

The first step depending on the color of your eyebrows is the darken them. I have European roots so my brows are extremely light which doesn’t match my natural auburn hair color (I don’t get science.) If you are a commitment type of dude and your brows are the staple piece of your look, I would definitely try out using eyebrow henna instead of having to darken them each time. It also gives the illusion that they are much fuller. I don’t recommend dying your eyebrows with chemical dye, it could be a disaster in the making. Consider going one or two shades darker if you are fair, but keep it natural looking.

I’m a huge fan of moisturizing my brows, I feel like it’s the foundation to an even and smooth transition between the brush. I would say every night apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to your brows and even your lashes. The internet does say it contributes to growth but even so it helps a lot when you are trying to mask the exact shape you’re looking for and adds shine. Make sure you wash it off in the morning of course.

I’m not really the one to have a big bag full of makeup, I like to see what I’m working with without any clutter. I find that using a mascara with a light to medium wand seems to do the trick. I wouldn’t recommend anything bigger than the wand shown, it could get a little messy. Mascara is perfect when you’re on the go and you want to throw a 2 in 1 in your bag or pocket. If you already have very dark eyebrows then use the clear mascara.

For me, I don’t need this next step depending on how thick your brows already are but you can use an eyebrow pencil to add extra hairs if you’re not quite there yet. I wouldn’t go too crazy with this nor is it highly recommended but it’s just an add-on if you need that extra assistance, but keep in mind your face shape.

When I was doing a photo shoot when I was younger, my makeup artist actually used a little bit of hairspray on a cotton swab and gently applied it to my brows, so they can stay throughout the shoot no matter makeup changes. Since then I always used this trick and it’s perfect when you’re attending events and you don’t want them to move. Consider this a tip for the real “model brow.”

So that’s it. Yes, it looks like a lot on paper but once you do it yourself you’ll realize how easy it is, and all of the products are versatile. You don’t need to have one specific item to accomplish this look.

If you would like you can go in with a tiny but a highlighter under your brow, I don’t personally do this unless I’m going to an event where there is flash and looking for that glow. But I feel like it honestly takes away the messiness which the whole point of looking like you woke up like this.

Now scrunch your brows and look fierce dahhhling!

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