Welcome to the fashion restaurant, may I take your order?

Who says you can’t combine two of your greatest passions together? I mean I did have a Blog back in the Dark Ages of the internet called Soho cake.

Fashion seems to be combined like a great batter with just about everything, which is perfect because it gives industries new flavors to play with. Especially, in the ethical world, were vegans and sustainable fashion come together beautifully – even plant-based chefs are coming with their own line of clothing, which are super yummy (not the gents or ladies – just the threads). I am sure you have, come across a few abused Instagram pages in your time of scrolling.

A lot of the time when I am baking (and not just my under eye concealer) I’m always inspired by the colors and the presentation which lead me not into just a good mood but also picking clothing that is brighter and shows my personality off. They say the food is the way to your heart… and that is certainly the case for me.

The last time we checked in with the food Bible we were icing as a sweet tooth with velvet cake but since then we have upgraded our “equipment” and we have a few more outfits that you’re totally going to get mixed up in.