With all the hype of sports in Toronto, you might have found or missed the best little kept secret of sorts at Ontario Place this past weekend.

Nestled amidst a woodsy outdoor atmosphere, bamboo patio and wooden barrels set the stage for great tastings and pleasing any foodie connoisseur. Your tokens go along way with some drinks only 1 token, others 2 or 3, depending on the brand and quality of the tasting while still, every palette satisfied from a variety of liquor and ciders (vegan too!.) As you stroll with your souvenir glass, you take in more than beverage stands when crossing over the bridge to the park like campground of colored patio furniture, fire pit and an array of food trucks. Everything from sweets, burgers, curd fries, and for our plant-based stomachs, we immersed ourselves in coconut curry and Nan. Many of the samples were listed for as little as $4 but we wanted a hella plate for a total of  $12. There were over 400 tastings of food and drinks, you can say that is impressive.

This four festival tour, is more than just a social event, bringing together a community of people under the bright lights of the night, and daytime sunnies. Forks and Barrels didn’t disappoint with front row seats to the music of all genres, and a DJ who knew exactly what the audience wanted. If you were in the mood for a little horseshoe play, without the horseshoes, there was a bean bag game, which brought out the competitiveness for all.

The coolest exhibition was the Artist display and competition. It was full of mind-blowing artistry with swoops of color that went beyond any imagination.  You were placed in a world of large canvasses of dynamic murals, graffiti, and straight up street art that was captivating to all eyes.

Do we have you hooked? Don’t despair because the tour continues in the Niagara Region on July 5-7  and Windsor  Aug 23-25th.

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