Rad + Raw visits Eye Candy Toronto w/ Alanna Davey

Can I blame smell-o-vision for leading me to the royalty of sweet oasis hidden amidst the concrete jungle? Most definitely yes, but I’m not sorry about it.

As I blinked my Twiggy lashes, my eyes were being fed everything my cheat day could ever ask for. If you are a fan of the animated television series Adventure Time, this is equal to walking through Princess Bubblegum’s Candy Kingdom. Brace yourself, your heart may just start oozing red licorice.

Eye Candy is a family-friendly experience that brings together the vibrant, the inspired, and the epic. The incredible part of this one of a kind pop up is that it features multi-sensory rooms which opens up a new world for individuals with cognitive and physical impairments. Each installation for me stimulated my four senses, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Though there is enough color that could produce a hundred rainbows, I found it extremely relaxing, especially with the hustle and bustle just right outside the door. One of our favorite YouTubers Molly Burke, who shares her empowering journey of being visually impaired mentioned in a video that in her case she’s able to catch light, glitter, and sequin which is a big part of her decor and style. Since Eye Candy features installations such as a Disco Swing, it’s perfect for people like Molly, sooo.. there is no reason to shy away from experiencing all the sweetness. Hey, maybe even your service dog might enjoy the trip too!

Rad + Raw is here to get you ready with a petite breakdown of each room. Make sure you check out our video interviewing the “Pop Art Queen” Alanna Davey herself.

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Rainbow Room – Calling all leprechauns! Every room has a surprise, but for this drooling installation, you are able to see the full rainbow just by looking into the mirror. Endless pots of gold!

The Candy Room – Are you looking for a great Insta illusion? Hint: Get your photographer for the day to kneel down on the floor, and with just the right angle it will appear as if you are falling into the candy pit.

Eye Buster Movie – If you are totally missing the good ole’ days of visiting the movie store, the mirrors in the back of the installation gives the feel as if you are viewing rows on rows of movies as if you are in the real store itself.

The Pizza – Who doesn’t love pizza? Though, it’s extremely not recommended to sit or tangle yourself in the “cheese,” the pizza, however, can move, so this would be the perfect boomerang time.

Cherry Blossoms –  A little black and white Paris film hidden in the city. All of the cherry blossoms were created by Alanna and her partner.

Disco Swing – Hey, so your girl may or may not have had an interesting run with this installation which you can view at the end of our on-camera interview, but Alana does insure these sets do take a beating so don’t be surprised if any loud noises it may come with it – especially standing back up from the swing. *cough cough* Did I come in like a wrecking ball?

The Jungle – Why hello Tarzan, welcome to the jungle! Make sure to not get lost as the black panther may appear in your tracks.

Infinite Chess Game – The best part about this fan-favorite is that you can actually turn this set into any angle you would like. For instance, just by rotating the picture, it can look as if you are on the ceiling or sideways walking on the chessboard.

Gold Vault – If you want to feel a bit like Conor McGregor, this would be the set for you. Fun Fact: Through the process of creating this, some of Alana’s team loved the gold bricks, some only loved the touchable cash, so in the end, they put a little bit of both to satisfy the gold tooth. Oh, how we love tough currency choices 😉

The Emerland Castle – A super-modern interpretation of the yellow brick road. This also gave me major flashbacks of laser tag as a kid with the neon green stripes. If you have some great rave gear, I would highly recommend bringing it out for a snap like this.

While you are ready for take-off in Eye Candy’s jet, all the memories you will create will be in your passport whenever you need a little refresher just like makeup.

Make sure to follow Alanna and Eye Candy HERE and HERE and don’t forget to enter the Daniel Mazzon Art Contest, if you are looking to bring Drake home. Wait a second….

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Schedule and other info:

May 1, 2019, through September 30, 2019

Sunday – Saturday, 11am – 11pm


4pm-10pm (last tickets sold for 10pm.)

Pre-Sale $20 per person plus 13% HST & Showclix fees

Children under 5 are free. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult



$15 per person plus 13% HST & Showclix fees


$5 plus 13% HST and Showclix fees for each additional visit when you purchase your first ticket online at $20 plus 13% HST and Showclix fees

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