On a cozy Wednesday evening, my gal pal Victoria and I headed over to Queen Street West for a taste of vegan heaven. After two months of renovations and redesigning the menu, Mythology is re-opening July 26th to bring a new experience to Toronto.

The Scandinavian styled interior left just enough eye room between the food and the modern rose gold bar lights. We were welcomed by the friendly staff that was ready to shake up a sizzling drink.

To start, we wanted to taste something a bit different from what would appear on a regular drink menu. The Mint Coconut Mocktail that consists of mint, lime juice, simple syrup, coconut soda, and ginger beer couldn’t have been a better choice. Since the options are quite diverse, it allows you to continue what flavor you have in mind in terms of appetizers, entrée, and dessert. If you are looking for the right balance of sweet and savory, this would be a great recommendation to mingle with.

The Appetizer

I couldn’t tell you how long it has been since I have had garlic bread or a quality plate of it for that matter. Each ingredient was able to introduce it’s self tastefully, leaving you to enjoy the art of its creation. The best part is that it doesn’t give the oily after-feel, which was nice to not have to constantly blot.


As my fingertips were scattering the typography, I knew they were unconsciously looking for an Europen sized plate to match the minimalist mood. Sometimes with vegan food, it feels like the proportion is overcompensated, which I believe shouldn’t have to happen. The Mushroom Ravioli and The Glazed Tofu were light enough that your stomach was happy but also felt classy. Both plates had a great balance of greens and something you haven’t seen quite done before.


What two words would describe my first impression? Holy presentation! The overall look of both Beignets and Spiced Chocolate Cake made me forget I was in Toronto. If cacao moon rocks and maple chantilly doesn’t encourage you to have both on your table, I don’t know what will.

In the end, anyone who likes a menu that acts as if it is a passport should totally experience this themselves. The prices are not inflated and every bite defiantly makes the trip worth it.

For reservations click HERE and of course, follow Mythology and Doug McNish on Instagram HERE, as if you are not swoon already.

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