Vegandale Food and Drink Festival 2019

The long-awaited event where friends that we just haven’t met yet gather to restock our plant-powered Manipura under the relief of the clouds blocking the sunlight just enough for the music to get us moving.

Vegandale Food and Drink Festival is truly an asteroid of its own and the currency is compassion. We really didn’t have a plan to where we wanted to start, but the crowd seemed to keep us heading towards the La Bartola Taco Shop Booth. Chef Ivan Castro, to whom we were greeted by, will be the first owner of a 100% plant-based Mexican taco shop in Toronto coming soon. You could taste the passion behind the authentic plate that takes you on a mini journey into the heavy influence of his background. I would highly recommend placing them on your radar menu.

I couldn’t say we are foreign to Cinnaholic, and though we tried to keep a promise of sticking to foods we haven’t tried before, I, in the end, felt like a puppy waiting for a treat to be handed out. If you have a huge sweet tooth, I can guarantee this is the dessert dentist for you. Since we wanted to keep our palette clean, we stuck with the classic, but it was deathly to resist the temptation of my eyes becoming bigger than my stomach.

All right, we plead the fifth! There may have been some nachos we consumed too fast that left us forgetting to photograph the darn thing. However, these baby samosa’s from Quesava makes up for it and let me tell you about the sauce.  It hit every itching place between sweet and savory in which I didn’t know I needed to scratch. Since it was light and cheerful, it left no impression of wholeness to the degree you couldn’t eat anymore. This is the PERFECT petit dejeuner.

To finish with a bang, there isn’t anything like breakfast for…. dinner? The Vegan Peasant no doubt took home the W for us.  When I was a little girl, there was this hole-in-the-wall spot in Vancouver, BC close to New West Minister that served the best homemade brunch that an orange juice connoisseur could ask for. The Vegan Peasant’s waffles brought me back to my adolescence, which left a permanent smile on my face. One of my trusted guests said everyone at the table were warm and so gracious which tops off the dish just as good as whipped cream and pecans.

With another season in the suitcase, Vegandale Food and Drink Festival lived up to its expectations once again, and Rad + Raw couldn’t have been more thrilled to have taken part in a few various ways including a giveaway for our readers! Remember to keep up with Vegandale’s socials and if you haven’t followed us already on Instagram, be sure to do so as opportunities like this will be coming in the near future to win some great prizes and experiences!  

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