Angel “Boy” Style: Feminine Friendly

Somewhere between crushed cherries and cupid, you will find the angel aesthetic eating Tumblr for dinner. First, there was the great ol’ grunge that seems to be the tree that keeps on producing branches. The leaves include hipster grunge, soft grunge, anime/cosplay grunge, and so many others that will make you want to stay away from Hot Topic.

It seems the angel-themed attire is very Korean inspired, which thankfully gave me a hint that I was on the right track with my thesis of soil. With great observation, these are a few things you need to start your transformation (slight sarcasm warning advised):

  • Sad boy vibe
  • Cartoons and doodling
  • Theme colors: black, white, pink, and blue (maybe red if you’re lucky)
  • No filters needed (mac photo booth thooo)
  • Makeup is definitely an option for creativity – GLOSSY!
  • Use of BCE Roman angels + old architecture as Instagram fillers
  • Just a speck of glitter every once in a while
  • Captions include: angel energy, angel boy, xxo, cry baby, etc
  • Smell like roses and sometimes a 1998 motel room
  • Devil horns once in a while to spice it up
  • Hair clips, hair clips, and more hair clips
  • Pretend you smoke, because lung cancer ain’t it
  • Takis and 90s snacks

Now that we have a checklist established, it’s time for your aura to match your threads. There isn’t much work that needs to be put into cultivating the whole look, and a lot of the pieces can totally be thrifted. Banged-up denim the better! Remember to keep your eye out on garage sales, swaps, and new underground places opening in your area.


Header photo: Clout Collection

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