Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Summer Men’s Clothing For Fall

The time has come where the end of August has arrived rapidly like the sound of our deathly iPhone alarm after 2 hours of sleep. As we roll out from an imaginary fashion bed to brew some fall threads, this doesn’t mean you have to say a total goodbye to your favorite pair of sandals and comfy summer shorts just yet. There are many ways that you can incorporate certain colors and styles while saving a dime that will go nicely with a chilly breeze in the air.

A few tips to keep in mind when sorting out your closet: 
– Neutral colors such as burnt orange, greys, whites, army green, and red are the easiest to style around
– If there are hints of yellow, try to tone it out with darker denim or black
– Bohemian styled balloon pants mostly go well with a huge cowl neck and vegan Dr. Martens
– Never throw out shorts, especially thigh-length denim you can pair this with leggings underneath. A great early fall transition statement
– T-shirts can go over turtlenecks, so be wise what you are throwing out
– Beanies are your left-hand man when making an outfit look more wintery without even trying
– If you have a plain-colored shirt that you are not vibing with any longer, find buttons or camp patches if you are going for the wilderness aesthetic

Balloon Pants

Linen Pants

Athletic / Casual Shorts

Colorful Shirt

Casual Sandals

Header: Olly Alexander by Matt Irwin 


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