These vegan cowboy boots are just waiting for a flash sale

History says a good boot can take you to good places, well I could only imagine it being a vegan sole that is.

Western attire has been the long-lasting itch the fashion industry cannot seem to scratch. Though, I can’t put any blame on a plate to serve because a cowboy boots personality is a stinger even with a simple buckle to flash against rustic crystals in the desert.

To this day, there isn’t any documentation of who invented the cowboy boot even though it’s said the creator was based in Kansas and or eventually migrated to a surrounding area in Texas. However, the Hyer Brothers were the most well known in the pioneer era which is the closest to what we will get in terms of the real McCoy. Such a scandal!

Amidst the Industrial Revolution, they allowed for some styles to be mass-produced and not just handmade, including a Wellington that can be seen in a very popular cut today.

The Chelsea boot has played the turning point in mixing casual equestrian and modern minimalism together while still picking up color pallets such as an off white, beige, musty browns, and burnt orange. The attraction to either the walking heel or cowboy heel due to the eye-pleasing angle originated from keeping riders safe from sliding forward to the stirrup which is noted to be incredibly dangerous. This is probably a huge factor why many consider paying for a quality pair because of history, consciously or not, even if it may not be a practical work boot.

Though, we should give great thanks to evolution because at one point the confined toe wasn’t for everyone as there was no consistency in exact shape in craftsmanship. Since Fall is creeping up on our calendar, it’s time to take upon the great search of some new ankle candy, that all can enjoy. I mean we are talking about a bag full of sweetness; one just wouldn’t be enough.

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Header photo: Vanessa Mooney

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