No white after labor day? We are a place of rule-breaking business

I’m sorry but the ‘no white after labor day’ hotline you have called is out of service, please try again later…much later.

Though history has told us, we should keep our milky threads hidden for fall fashion, it seems today’s forecasters are pouring a huge bowl of not really caring about history continuing repeating itself. To be frank, do we even know why we are supposed to follow this style by-law?

It’s said that the silk-stocking women of the 1800s used to believe wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day was a sign of sitting on a cash cushion, meaning you are welcome to the finger food club and melodramatic accents. This could also be the reason yachting companies even decades later became hypnotized into producing unpigmented attire, as it looks clean against fresh fruit and a glossy tan. But it’s not to say some world leaders in fashion didn’t break that rule. Coco Chanel was famous for wearing white all year round and had no problem endorsing a nice crisp shirt on a gentleman. The pearls that made Coco’s eyes dazzle while rendezvousing with her arm candy speaks for itself dahling.

Now, this requirement wasn’t just implied at afternoon tea, I can confidently say amidst my adolescences my mother steered me away from putting on anything that would cause havoc with polluted snow. So maybe it was all just our parents who rightly didn’t want to do a stacked load of laundry every single day.

With this being said, there are some great ways white can dazzle perfectly in the transition from summer to fall that makes you look like a savvy rule-breaker while laying in a bed of roses.

Vegan shoes: Naked Wolfe. Place the t-shirt on top of the white turtleneck for a vintage flare.
Vegan shoes: Wills Vegan
Vegan Shoes: Nasty Gal (yes it doesn’t hurt to look in the women’s section for some sick kicks every once in a while. Just size up!)
Vegan Timberlands. If you would like to spice up a pair of plain jeans, add some rad patches like these from Zumiez to even pick up the white in your outfit.
Vegan Adidas. Puffer Vest: Patagonia (synthetic)



Photo Header: Fear of God (FOG) Lookbook

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