Physicians are just as dangerous as celery and juicing claims

The world of health seems to have drawn their critical eye to a clairvoyant supposedly claiming celery juice can cure chronic illnesses, which in my opinion has been blown way out of proportion.

Medical Medium who is amongst the largest marshals of bellwethers that notifies and predicts predominantly new waves of earth grown essentials to overcome ailments. BBC, like many news outlets, are publishing his “dangerous” claims in support of medical professionals due to Medical Medium’s lack of proven science. Let’s keep in mind that the pharmaceutical industry globally is worth $934.8 billion since 2017 and will reach $1170 billion in 2021, growing at 5.8% which also in a lot of cases is considered a killer on its own. Oh, how hypocritical. 

Though I am not stating some are more prone to persuasion than others, meaning not receiving medical attention at all until it’s too late, but this doesn’t mean physicians themselves haven’t led patients into a direction of misinformation, even more so dangerous than provoking conversation of seeking homeopathic remedies.

In 2018, Dr. Farid Fata treated over 500 Detroit cancer patients unnecessarily, including chemotherapy and various forms of therapy that left his patients suffering life-altering consequences beyond having the whistle blown on his repulsive tactics. His fraudulent claims were also submitted for $34 million to Medicare and private insurance companies. Dr. Farid Fata was sentenced to 45 years in prison and the case became one of the largest heathcare frauds in American history. Could you imagine being told you have multiple myeloma when in actuality you don’t? 

Unfortunately, even on a day to day basis, physicians are failing to exercise their degree by prescribing the wrong medication. One in nine Canadian adults receive the wrong drug or dose and 9,000 to 24,000 deaths in Canada a year are from preventable medical errors. This has been called Canada’s silent killer in the healthcare system. From first hand experience, my body has not felt the same since trying to survive on wrongfully prescribed medication for almost two years, which gave me no choice like many to take alternative options into our own hands to repair our body from damage it has caused. All of my extensive research lead me to feel some sort of understanding for those that would like to find treatments that don’t feel like a spiral of endless symptoms and organ failures. But since juicing or celery juice in particular is the hierarchy of shame by promoting ways humans can find relief, there couldn’t possibly be anything more dangerous that is spreading like an infection on the internet…right? 

Let me formally introduce you to powdered smoothie and juice additives that a lot of companies and influencers claim are extremely beneficial because receiving the vitamins from its source like celery featured in the ingredients label amongst chemicals is way too tough. Besides a good read of information, Medical Medium isn’t (as it stands) promoting supplements other than in the raw. He also provides a disclaimer that his advice isn’t a substitute for a medical professional and by observation Medical Medium commonly uses vocabulary such as “help” instead of a direct demand. Some argue that his guidance in the long run doesn’t match up with his statement, making it contradicting; However, celery juice, and its loaded vitamins might have not been known by too many judging by his comment section. Maybe if physicians don’t demean their valetudinarians by telling them that chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia is all in their head or what they are feeling is just nothing, they might actually just come to you for aid. But then again claiming too many patients are receiving medical attention too late is simply easier than taking re$pon$ibility. 

In the end I have never once heard someone say “eat your meat” over “eat your veggies” no matter what way you consume it, especially in times where you need the extra boost the most. Of course as always contact your physician or a medical professional for what may be the best treatment plan for you, but don’t shy away from the gain of a second, third, or forth opinion.




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