How one post on Craigslist became the start for the rising girl powered queer band, Strange Breed

Strange Breed is like a cocktail to remove ink when in need to re-write fate, no matter how tough the process is to receive a clean page. With just a little bit of firm pressing, the four piece group is on their way to helping others figure out how to do the same with their activist inspired music. 

Before becoming the band’s lead instrument, Nicolle Dupas was already admits the Vancouver scene cultivating her writing expertise and vocals with unnamed former crews. Through multiple trials, Dupas felt she could not execute her messages loud enough, which became difficult to see a long-term future with the plans she wanted to make. With her adolescence memories of wanting to form an all-female band, Nicolle took to Craigslist to post an ad in great detail about what she was looking for. After time passed, with no noticeable answer Nicolle assumed that there was no appeal from other musicians until she happened to see her message requests on Facebook from Terra Chaplin, one of Strange Breed’s guitarist for the opportunity to discuss the possibilities. Over just one conversation, Nicolle stated how easy it was to converse with Chaplin and how their ideas seemed to flow like a symphony. 

After a period of time by allowing each other’s creativity to brew, Nicolle and Terra started seeking for a drummer, that happened to be just in an eye’s length. Megan Bell, a noisemaker in a former life of 8 years and who was co-habituating with Nicolle mentioned how fun it would be to get back to those roots and starting playing again. The trio booked a space to see how the decision to test the waters would unravel. Dupas expressed how reluctant she was because of the links between Megan and her, but even by watching the partnership bloom with Terra, it was a worthwhile risk they were willing to take.

While Nicolle’s musical endeavors were mixing smoothly, Dupas thought it would be a good time in her life to pay attention to the social aspect of her life and meet some new friends. By stopping into a coffee shop, Nicolle sparked an interaction with Ally Von Wallis, the non native  base player over the same love of music. Though Ali at the time did not have a full resume of instruments, Nicolle mentioned about her forming a band and suggested the option of Ali learning the vintage strings. Without hesitation, Von Wallis agreed.

Now as Nicolle, Terra, Megan, and Ally the group fortunately moving forward was able to explore professional input by Dupas’s father who was already in the industry. However, the band has taken great pride in blowing people out of the water with kinks they managed to workout on their own, especially at times where there could be a no than a yes. This has played a key part in Nicolle Dupas’s advice to those in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. “There will be idiotic humans at your show’s who will give their opinion on things you already know, it’s important to keep in mind those that appreciate you bringing a sense of individuality amidst. If you ever feel alone, come talk to Strange Breed,” Dupas laughed. 

Rad + Raw was able to see the ultra cool group live at The Hideout last weekend, and if we could give you a piece of advice, it’s to keep them on your radar as they are a force to be reckoned with.


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