The “It” Boy – Our top 5 Vegan Rollerblade’s

Did you hear? Rollerblade’s are so hot right now and considered to be the perfect mode of transportation for a 60’s inspired fall.

There are quite a lot of benefits to rollerblading besides a natural vitamin injection of being trendy. If you happen to not be the biggest fan of skateboarding (oh how dare you), this is another way to improve your balance. According to the luck of science, the combination increases energy and posture. For my fellow writers out there, rollerblading might just be your cure to improving scoliosis, whether you admit you have it or not.

Another contributing factor to mind and body pain is stress, and as heart disease is on the rise with 12 Canadian adults age 20 and over with this diagnosis die every hour, it makes it even more important to find a great plan to keep pressures away from taking a toll on your health. Since the heart is a muscle, rollerblading is one of the most effective aerobic exercises and has the ability to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Even without the advice from medical professionals, local villagers have claimed that Rad + Raw produces content that is blood rushing, but i cannot confirm this statement at this time. However, these top picks should do the trick.

Roller Derby Elite

Impala Rollerskate’s


Momma Trucker – Rookie

Sucker Punch Skate Shop

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