This is what vegan heaven looks like | Vegandale Brewery x Rad + Raw

As you walk through the megalopolis where plants soar and compassion is the secret ingredient amidst the grub, you will be greeted by the Vegandale Brewery. I should add that you must be careful as the eatery has the ability to cast a spell of intense hunger before you even walk through the door.

Since this happened to be our first date with the brewery, we thought it would be most appropriate to allow the bubbly drink menu to give a good first impression. ‘The Loaded Caesar’ is easily one of the best vodka and vegetable mixes one could have in the city without feeling as if it were talking a mile a minute before the appetizers arrived. Plus, the presentation is nicely arranged and is well suited for any occasion.

To be honest, there was no way we could leave our seat without trying the ‘Fried Avocado’ and ‘Chicken Fingers’. At first bite, both equally exude a home-town personality as the taste brought me back to my old stomping grounds of Alberta, which means its super comforting. I would highly, and I mean highly recommend having a bite for yourself.

Next we were dying to have a swing at their simulating body builder burgers. Don’t worry your eyes are not bigger than your stomach. The ‘BBQ Pulled Pork’ was just the right size where fingers can mingle around the table if a friend wants to try a bite. If in the past you experienced one or two dry burgers in your lifetime, the sad state of affairs is now over.

All right now I’m not trying to hype myself up here but I do consider myself a fried Oreo veteran, that desires quite a specific tang. The warm masterpiece oozed chocolate left to right, and everything I needed as a pick me up. I can confirm that we have already made a staff ‘cookie’ deal to go back for another round in the near future.

To make things sweeter for the month of November, if you mention code: RADANDRAW you are able to get a complimentary beer when you spend $10 or more. Visit to make a reservation! 

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