Behind The Ink: Toronto’s Custom Evening/Bridal Designer, Steven Lejambe

Fashion Television was the start of many adolescents dreams of pursuing a career behind or in front of the runway, including Steven Lejambe at the age of 7 years old, who now is a made in Toronto custom evening wear and bridal designer.

If one judged the illustrations on the front cover of a book, you wouldn’t expect Steven’s appearance to include a collection of tattoos that make their way up to his neck, especially curating frilly and girly dresses. Lejambe expressed that he finds it more humorous than distasteful in terms of people’s reactions, as he believes people assume he would produce something more dark such as leather jackets. Steven also added that work speaks for itself if you do come up against a tough circle. “If you work hard and are passionate about it, even if you are uncomfortable by the fact people will perceive you a certain way, it won’t be an issue forever, Lejambe stated.”

Not only is Steven Lejambe’s appearance unique, but the oh so feminine evening wear he describes translates more than an art form rather than being a piece of the over-cooked fashion cake. Lejambe believes that there indeed is a million brands you can choose from however, there is not necessarily a crowded market when it comes to handcrafted and custom pieces. He remembers a long period of time where there was a flood of fast fashion and nobody really cared about spending a quality dime on the locals. Also not leaving out the fact that Toronto carries quite a noticeable monochromatic style, even to this day. Steven hopes that the city will grow into experimenting with color. “Do not be afraid. You can wear whatever you want to today and find something else tomorrow, don’t limit yourself of what you can explore.”

In February 2020, Steven will be back at fashion week, which is hosted by the ROM. You can expect a lot of sequence and sparkle this season as he continues to roll with the mentality of standing out.

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