The Beauty Counter w/ Evio + Brandi Leifso

What makes the beauty industry so empowering? It’s those behind the brand that emerge onto the scene barefaced without the fear of hiding any blemishes and or worry about fitting into a hashtag. 

Brandi Leifso, who is the founder of Evio Beauty, is the true outline to this dark horse presentation. In March of this year, Leifso wrote an in-depth memoir for the Toronto Life about her entity before becoming the 6ix’s first lady of cosmetics. She takes readers on a journey through her childhood, domestic violence, and entering a women’s shelter at just only 21 years old. To be brief, Brandi had no experience running a business, but with much determination to turn her life around, she underwent the practice of self education. Leifso managed to create a website and catalogue featuring lipsticks, lip glosses, and bronzers accompanied by her former brand name “Karmaface” onto them, which later made its way into development with the help of friends and contacts she made along the way. 

Now as a successful entrepreneur, Brandi pays homage to those inspiring her in her everyday life including ‘Val,’ that is considered to be her sister in a bottle, who is also a single mom of two. “We all have really impactful stories,” Leifso told Rad + Raw Magazine. “I am fortunate enough, which also means I have a sense of responsibility by being granted a large platform. Our products are a real representation by unifying these stories by doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We owe it to each other.”  

Brandi even noted that at one point a woman reached out to the company expressing how she found a symbol in keeping Evio’s empty packaging. As the woman is a domestic violence survivor herself, it was almost like an aide-mémoire in terms of if Brandi could do it, so could she. This left an imprint for Leifso and her beauty empire in the making. Brandi wanted to build a community instead of having a middleman through the playbook of traditional wholesale and not being able to interact with the consumer as much as she would have liked. She believes her emotional intelligence was given through those traumatic situations which helped build a strong foundation as a businesswoman. 

For 2020, we hear Evio has some great partnerships in the works that we know will be just as unique as this ‘unwilling to compromise’ trailblazer. 

The Space

Meet April! Beauty Insider & Security, 12/10 (duh!)

The Goods

Evio Beauty partnered up with Aurora Cannabis that features refreshing cleansing wipes (perfect for school – Rad tested), rejuvenating mask for picture perfect skin, and more! Shop HERE


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