4 Holiday Fits To Surprise Your Conservative Family

Christmas can be quite an awkward gathering time for some as it feels like people who you didn’t even know existed happens to be all in one room with a conflict of opinions.

However, if you’re an individual who likes to subtly shock your guests or be the talk of your aunt’s party, you do not have to look much farther.

Wait hold up! Before anything, it all starts with attitude. Remember, you’re the same badass and unique unicorn as you were before you entered the room. There will always be someone out in the world who will not like what you are wearing, even if it’s a monochromatic outfit, but best part is there are hundreds of other people who will appreciate the confidence and drive to stand out. Unfortunately, blood isn’t always thicker than water, and the definition of family isn’t always traditional.

Hold your head up high and take pride in the attention – you’re a star babe!

Boots: Avesu Vegan | Jacket: Ralph Lauren Faux Collar
Boots: Demonia Vegan | Nail polish: Cirque Colors Vegan
Jacket: Apparis Vegan | Hair dye: Arctic Fox | Vegan Dr Martens
Yes! Some Vans are vegan including the glue!


Banner Photo: Agyness Deyn in Italian Vogue 2006 by Steven Meisel

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