Simply being Saije | Interview

Saije, made up of Shanteya Lancaster and Jo Ashley blossomed in the creative town of Bellingen, NSW, Australia, where it is full of instrumentalists and various creative mediums. Although the influence can sound strong, they truly are more than what meets the eye amidst the growing indie/folk industry. The band has not allowed their tunnel vision for projecting stimulating philanthropy and adding new flavors to an ice cream shop of music to be redirected.

Centering themselves and grounded energy by the guidance of nature seemed to be the head lining subject of the conversation. Saije knew beyond the element of mother earth being a co-songwriter, it was necessary to provide conscious messages on their powerful platform as a musician.

However, one facet that comes to Lancaster naturally is contributing to an unfiltered, raw image to social media. Shanteya noted that finding those quiet moments amidst the craziness is truly important. In her downtime, she has found the art of beading, that led her to Saije Craft. This allows Shanteya to use her hands in another earthy way.

This same philosophy of being connected to the vision of pursuing art organically flows through Saije’s imagery and photography. You can really see the hints of Jo’s multifaceted approach to music via the snapped instruments, as if you are receiving a sneak peek of what would be to come at their live showcase.

Saije has just wrapped up their part of the Kindred Tour in Canada, but their love for intimate house shows and connecting with the amazing people of the north is something they look forward to coming back to.

Until then, you can explore the world with them by keeping up with Saije on their various platforms and of course their website for their next stops.

Banner photography: @andthetreesphotography

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