The New Staple Piece | Overalls (Unisex + Sustainable Favourites)

It’s time for the leather jacket to move over because it has some competition.

Like many of us living in such a fast world, there truly is no room uncomfortability.  I can already feel meetings that go on way too long and running around trying to fit time in to grab a bite crawling up my skin. The term ‘fashion is pain’ doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary.

Fresh or vintage, overalls are one of the easiest pieces to style for any occasion and not to mention…durable. We can say many thanks to industry leaders such as Levis for showing the benefits of fashion mixing with craftsman work wear. Oh, and also Mamma Mia for making musical devotees jealous of how effortlessly they are rocked.

There are a few ways you can make overalls shine to their potential such as:

  1. Converse with the cuffs of the overalls rolled once or twice (Play with socks too!)

  2. If you’re not a ‘fitted’ type of human, try going one size up.

  3. The sky’s the limit when it comes to shirts. However, having a variety of plain color t-shirts is beneficial if you’re going for more of a zero waste wardrobe type of vibe. Minimalistic jewelry is stunning with this combo.

  4. Put on a chunky heeled Chelsea boot with a turtleneck or blouse and a mini purse for a formal look.

  5. Wearing a sailor stripe shirt at some point is a part of the overalls bible.

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