When hope becomes a mantra | Interview w/ Kind Karma

They say by helping others, we shall help ourselves. This would be the extract from Laurinda Lee-Retter’s entity perfume.

Before becoming the founder of Kind Karma, a jewelry company who employs at-risk or homeless youth, Laurinda developed her 6th sense for art therapy during her childhood. She remembers always curating goods and fixing threads as a hobby. However, when adulthood responsibilities became her priority, Lee-Retter’s creative touch was lost in the numbers of 9 to 5. 

Laurinda felt when she was battling her own mental health struggles and not being able to hold a job down longer than a year, there was nothing quite like Kind Karma she could gravitate to. When Lee-Retter eventually reintroduced herself to her roots, she wanted to make sure her focus would be to develop this sustainable activity as something attainable for everyone regardless of their situation.

Kind Karma and Laurinda currently work with those in their early 20s, as it seems to be a common numeration. Lee-Retter explained that most of her artisans have either just left home, or was out in the field and couldn’t find anything fitting. They collaborate with various outreach methods such as agencies and organizations youth typically SOS to.

The best part about Kind Karma’s employment is that it doesn’t just surround jewelry making, it also allows these youth to partake in pressing conversation with Laurinda. Lee-Retter understands how it may feel like the stamp on one’s back will never be removed, but it truly is about defining success in your own terms and knowing this situation won’t always be like this. 

Laurinda and Kind Karma imagine the future of their company expanding nationwide and bringing new art mediums into their platform. 

As of today, an inspiring number of the partaking youth have been at Kind Karma longer than any other position they have had.

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