Your planet needs you | Interview w/ Ahimsa Eco Solutions

Ask yourself, what would it take for me to prioritize the environment over my cravings for unwanted goods, or what did it take? Stefani Chan-Wright and Wesley Wright, from Ahimsa Eco Solutions, are helping mother earth consult other humans to curate a societal impact. 

Planting her feet in the soil, Stefani blossomed in South East Asia on an island called Borneo, a paradise fused of palm oil and tropical rainforests. As a young girl in a botanical habitat, Stefani always had an appreciation for nature and animals. However, she never felt that she wore her environmentalist brooch early on. The moment Chan-Wright really took notice in the world of conscious living and its influence, was when she took a tumble into Wesley’s world. He, on the other hand, grew up in a different type of jungle, particularly a concrete one. 

Amidst the tree-like tower, Wesley’s childhood was influenced around his mother’s environmental values. Wright remembers how she was composting before the green bin carried importance in Toronto and always mindful of waste. This assisted his everyday pattern of organic gardening and eco habits. 

During their most recent travels, The Ahimsa couple visited Tulum, Mexico. Stefani and Wesley discovered that the secluded island of Sian Ka’an was covered with single-use plastic tangled in seaweed and sea creatures. Since the locals don’t see enough tourist attraction, they have no clean up system implemented. Stefani explained how devastating it was to see, as she now brings reusables with her everywhere she goes. 

But how many of us actually come face to face with the sight of this tragedy? It truly does not have a fair stage to shine on, especially when it comes to our school curriculum. 

Wesley believes that children need to be given tools in order to be connected with nature. Unfortunately, most kids presume that their food comes from the grocery store and activities such as field trips where they can get their hands dirty are great influences on how they choose to live their life. On the back end of it, children should also know the consequences of their actions when it comes to convenience. Ahimsa Eco has had a lot of garbage clean ups and the reality of “where does this stuff all come from?” can sit in quickly. 

This same mindset can also be applied for adults. 

If you really think about it, we vote on a daily basis. What we purchase is what is put on the shelves. Wesley stated that it can be dangerous placing all of our eggs in the political basket with the environmental crisis we are having. It’s up to us to notice that our every day actions can have a lot of effect.  

Ahimsa Eco is looking forward to focus their energy on their global impact and work with homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to help meet their environmental goals. 

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