Farmhouse Living: Our Favourite Spring Sustainable Home Goods

Your home should be a plant that produce the natural aftertaste of sound baths and crystal caves. It also should feel like a nursery away from the city. With spring just around the corner, this is the perfect time to stitch up what your home has been missing from the countryside. 

There are many advantages to living a half-baked boho lifestyle, such as using the traditional palette as color therapy. Typically, most farmhouse mood boards consist of earthy tones and warm neutrals. This can bring a sense of calmness and can be quite helpful for an entrepreneur. It’s important to allow your space to be the canvas, to make sure ideas not easily as influenced, and sheltering your mind from becoming too chaotic. Some believe that certain colors can also bring on the sensation of nausea and other related symptoms. In a place that you spend most of your time, it’s best to keep your senses clear.

Speaking of senses, a beautiful open spaced environment truly couldn’t leave out the magic of botanicals. The charm and collaboration of mother earth’s gifts and the aesthetics of a cottage can encourage any future plant mom or dad to develop a cheeky hobby for purchasing endless herb and vegetable seeds.

The University of New Hampshire published a report regarding the compelling effects of growing your own food.  This opportunity can reduce the reliance of long distance transportation that is harming the environment and treating yourself to extra minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins by simply choosing a raw plate, even if it’s every once in a while. Remember to get creative, especially when it comes to curating an indoor garden. I love seeing new DIY enthusiasts use interesting interior accessories such as old chests or turning an unused ledge into a mini sanctuary. 

Sustainability truly is endless.

Coyuchi – Scattered Organic Linen Duvet
West Elm
The Little Market
Haiku Designs
(Etsy) Sanwa Craft – Eco Friendly Paper Plant Bin
Pottery Barn

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