One pair of sweatpants – 4 outfits | Unisex, Sustainable, + Tech Forward

My princess and the pea bed has become the new office, and my pillows are the assistants. I barely left my desk before this recent mobile workplace situation, so what makes you think I will want to leave my orthopedic palace to think about luxe outfits for a zoom call?

Self care is a crucial habit that should be heavily implemented in our daily routine, even if a schedule is in sleep mode. It’s a great time to listen to the body and find out hidden injuries or inflamed tender points without adrenaline pumping. Fashion scientists as well are finding multiple ways to use the resume of earthy materials and robotics to our advantage to produce threads and tech that is headed in the direction of healing and repair. There is nothing quite aggravating than your latest purchase causing irritation or distress to an abrasion. 

With a little creativity, (and I mean.. a little because my mind has totally transformed into a fluffy cloud) you can have the ethical version of Cher’s closet capsule from Clueless.

Pants: Weekend Bee, Robe: Chaliskan, Tee: People Tree, Shoes: Vegan Birkenstock’s
Pants: Weekend Bee, Shirt: Skot, Watch: Polar Activity Tracker, Shoes: Vollsjo
Pants: Weekend Bee, Jacket: Everlane, Shirt: Prana Foundation, Shoes: Nosox Orthopedic
Pants: Weekend Bee, Shirt: Paul James, Scarf: Wolf and Badger, Shoes: Avesu
Natural Sweet Tooth
We have been totally loving ‘Saje’s First Aid Kit’



Banner Photo: Native Youth

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