How To Up-Keep Your Social Media Aesthetic At Home

Quarantine or not, at some point we all have had a few days to a week where we either prescribe the medicine of self care or the time off on holidays is looking as flat as your messy bun. 

My fingers lately have been more inclined to scroll through social media than reach for my morning vitamins. I can tell you that the taste in my mouth of aesthetics gone wrong is not as pleasing as cranberry gummies. However, I do understand the difficulty of curating ideas off of blank walls and acne cream. The best place to start your creative journey is with a mood board and possibly the help of Amazon.

When I graduated design school, I unconsciously incorporated the many strategies I learned into many facets of my life, particularly to choose your palette before moving forward with anything. Trust me, it’s worth keeping one to three colors in mind and sticking to them versus taking down your hard work later because it doesn’t vibe with everything else. This process also allows you to find your personal style without being heavily influenced by others. Color today has an association with a certain decade or fashion group, such as browns and whites typically pair well with a bohemian feed or blues and greens translate into more of a beachy feel. 

Another important tip for social media and keeping it easy is to become a go-to in your industry or even launch a second passion project. Take a look at your schedule and find a date that is best for you to create content, such as becoming a virtual hair guru or teaching your followers how to style certain pieces on Instagram TV. Remember to use the ‘link in bio’ marketing tool to your advantage. If you don’t have your own website, apps like Milkshake can help you build a mini one page blog where you can add promotions, an about page, and more without your viewers missing out on anything just because they didn’t see one post. 

Unfortunately, the best part about social media is that you can create illusions. But! Less is always more. You can turn your home into an unrecognizable studio without the hefty cost of renting. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this:

My slept-in white sheet

Yes, your next viral post was right under your nose. The white-sheet is so versatile that you can either take it outside to your backyard for natural lighting or use the charming allure of shadows coming from your window. If you don’t own a white sheet like myself because you’re prone to spaghetti stains, you can find them just about anywhere including bargain stores.

I have many issues….including Vogue

The 90s supermodel aesthetic is hitting the exploration runway hard. You can finally use the dusty and dated magazines somewhere stored under the coffee table as props to showcase a very expensive shoe collection.


Why waste a perfectly delicious meal when you can make it high fashion? I am sure that we all have one piece in our wardrobe where we have no clue when we will ever wear it. Sometimes it’s best to face the music and admit vintage was made for a vegan cheese burger and fries. 

I can’t do my makeup now, I just took a shower!

Even if you think we don’t, we most definitely want to see your gorgeous fresh face! While you are at it, show off your skin routine in a post, remake of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets, or continue to be fabulous in honey-like jewelry.

Omg! how did you do that?

PicsArt is one of the many popular apps to transform a simple photograph into an art piece or mini movie. With a little practice, edits like this add the right amount of sparkle without a page becoming messy. Who knows where you will end up being featured!



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