Using The Meaning of Color Orbs For Our Summer Favourites

The memorandum of color for many is just as essential as placing nourishing oils in your cooking for a little extra defense to your health.

Orbs can be extremely helpful in everyday life as they can appear in many ways including guidance from angels. However, it’s important to know what the orbs are translating and how you can apply it to express emotion or manifest an incantation on the definition of chimera.

Warning: Watch out for red or dark red as it can mean or capture anger, pain, psychological impairment, stress, and restlessness.

Pink – Openness

Dress: Happy Shappy

Clear Red – High Energy

Pants: KowTow

Peach – Ability To Comfort 

Sweater: Good Hood

Orange – Healing Energy

Jacket: Everlane

Gold – Free-Flowing Energy + Tolerance

Dress: Kool and Konscious

Yellow – Caution

Skirt: Point to Point Clothing

Yellow/Green – Psychic Growth

Dress: Sika’a

Green – Healing + Fertility

Shoes: Ama Mules

Turquoise – Amusement + Neutrality

Earrings: Number Twenty Four

Light Blue – Tranquility

Scarf: Fair Trade Winds

Pilot Light Blue – Shielding

Leggings: Free Spirit

Dark Blue – Shyness + Survivor Instinct 

Blazer Jacket: Anchal Project

Lavender – At Peace With God

Top: Her Pony

Purple – Stored Information

Purses: Mimco

Violet – Seeking Spiritual Guidance

Shoes: Sydney Brown

White – High Frequency + Protection

Shirt: Oh Seven Days

Silver – Telekinetic Power

Nose Ring: Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc. (Evil Eye)

Brown – Connection To The Earth

Bag – Carolina K

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