How To Curate Your Own Mini Music Festival At Home

As groovy June has arrived, I immediately said my annual hello to my jeweled glitter. For the first time I noticed that it wasn’t appearing as psychedelic as it usually does and mother sun kept peaking through my blinds wondering why she isn’t starting to dress me in her rays amidst the sunflowers.

I knew I put off telling the truth about the cancellation of festival season for far too long and truly; I deserved my comeuppance. Unfortunately, it took replaying Jimmy Hendrix’s Woodstock a glorious two times for the boho bunch and even myself to start refocusing our energy on how we all still can enjoy dancing feathers without the desert and dirty cowboy boots.

To be fair, my humble honey comb was starting to look a little underwhelming. If I really needed an excuse to replenish what was around me, this would be the moment to do so. Also, we should allow ourselves to embrace the good fortune of seeing our closest friends in small gatherings and awaken our chakras with a light smudge.

Hot Tip: Transform your Snapchat and Instagram locations into the name of your event. I see some serious jealously in the forecast! 

Create your own “festival” passes
Design a music lineup poster with all of your favourite throwback artists

Ambiance is everything! Find some daisy scented candles and groovy crochet holders

Decorate your own boho tent for serious hippie content

Just like Coachella, feature mini food stations or platters for a little trip around the globe. Don’t forget vibrant pillows and blankets to sit on

Would your festival really be complete without even just one cactus?

Transform your living room into another universe with those lava lamps you have had stored from the 2000’s

Soo.. sitting around with music playing might not be enough for hours of mingling. You can purchase a few faux fringe bags with funky beads to DIY

You may have seen these cookies floating around Instagram. But come on, this event couldn’t be more fitting

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