Ethical and Luxurious Summer Scarves For Men

The irresistible look of a scarf is like a flawlessly baked pastry to go along with a strong cup of coffee. It can melt an outfit together so well that you wonder just how a simple piece of material became so fluent and continued to secure its ivy status through decades in the thread oven. 

Scarves in the fashion industry are your astrology sign when it comes to status. You can wear an all white outfit with a neckerchief and still provide a tweet or text message without typing it. In many cases it can showcase the position you hold in the food chain, especially if it’s limited edition or sent by a fashion house for your loyalty to the company. 

Since we are seasonally speaking, summer 2020 seems to be taking a fruitacious wrought with colors such as orange peel to stimulate your senses. Funny enough, the shade also happens to be in line with the fashion house that produced the first true luxury silk scarf in 1937, Hermes. I have always believed in what is made to happen will happen, and this is an instance that is certainly calling for it.

However, some scarf trendsetting brands still don’t meet what mother earth requires for in the future. But we know that the greatest luxury is to don ethicalism wrapped around your nape in a heartwarming bow.

Peggy and Finn



Zero Waste Nest

Andes Village




Indigenous Artist : Otto Junarrayi Sims

Furious Goose

Passion Lille


Banner: Trevor Stuurmans

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