Can Sustainable Fashion & Living Help Older Adults Learn About Technology?

Sustainable fashion is in a league of its own when it comes to being a subcategory in technology. Its upgrades typically follow an efficient and time-honoring paradigm, which makes a perfect candidate to explore why this could be a learning tool for older adults to expand their knowledge in today’s cutting-edge inventions.

During a test conducted by Frontiers in Psychology, they found the reason most older adults tend to have a different perception of technology is because of barriers such as lack of instructions and guidance, too much and too complex, and cost. However, their concluded findings suggested most of their participants were eager to adopt to new technology and willing to learn. 

Ethical fashion is known to be transparent and raw compared to fast fashion. If you take a look at these brands’ philosophy like Kotn, they desire for good quality and simple essentials that don’t cost a fortune. Additionally, Kotn is very communicative about where their cotton comes from and mentions important phrases like ‘direct-trade practices.’ This can be useful when it comes to furthering research on the industry and inquiring about other companies values when shopping. 

Now if we set aside the informative bragging rights, older adults can see an improvement even with their health. Thrive Global states greater technology has found to be associated with high-well being and lower depression. You can find natural materials throughout the ethical market like hemp that not only is a carbon warrior, but can protect you from UV rays. These are gains you simply couldn’t find just in any piece of clothing. 

Overall, sustainability as a whole is meant to holistically improve the ecosystem. Even if we take these little artifacts we found into account, it showcases that applied science really can be simplified and be attainable no matter how old or young you are. Maybe, just maybe, we have become a little too comfortable on this planet of ours.

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