Traditional Japanese Inspired Home Goods

From my eye, traditional Japanese aesthetics universally are made to be molded by the gifted and or those that have been trained by its patience. Our society today childishly forgets that it just isn’t about replacing the pop in color for sparkling milk. ‘Minimalism’ truly is a methodical skill of combining non recapitulate simplicity, being able to sing like a hummingbird to geometry, and deliver an errorless class of efficiently.

As cliche as it may sound, the demonstration of less is more did indeed bubble over thousands of years. Spartan aesthetics of Japan’s Zen Buddhism was the guts to succeeding at repelling modern consumerism and foregoing ahead with bare essentials. You can see traces of this in their kit by using wood for warmth, open light-filled spaces with plants, and earthy interior blush. They believe this clutter-free philosophy unburdens the trappings of commercialism by fewer possessions equaling to less stress and well-being. The specific word for this is “Ma” – celebration of not things, but the space between them.

The book Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki is an ideal piece of fortune when starting a personal case study. Sasaki found that using an airy mattress from Iris Ohayma (a must-have for Japanese minimalists) vs the standard provided a pour of sunlight through his windows, which in return made him feel like he had something to look forward to when waking up.

This change for minimalism is like being hired at your own mortal coil magazine. You may experience repetitive copy and paste, but at some point you will rebirth or remediate a space for garden fresh consciousness.


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