How To Create Your Own Signature Earthy Perfume Online

The right kind of perfume lingering in the air of many kinds can lead you to many places. This could be a bakery with freshly baked bread, a delivery of exotic beans that was just dropped off at a coffee shop, and or a perfumery opening its French windows to let some sun in. In fact, there is science supporting how our body chemistry plays an important role to what fragrances we find attractive. 

To start, you probably should get to know yourself a little bit better. Grab an eye pleasing notebook and ask yourself questions that stimulate fond memories or life goals. A few examples are:

  1. What does my happy place look like and what objects do I see in it?
  2. What forms of self care do I enjoy the most?
  3. What are my values? Do they include a simplistic lifestyle or a fast and furious one?
  4. Am I an introvert or extrovert?
  5. What things do I associate stress with? 

It’s also important to explore one of your other senses, touch. According to The Perfume Diary, your skin type is a major aspect to consider when choosing a perfume. It all really comes down to how balanced or not balanced your skin’s pH is. Dry skin types are said to lose the aroma faster compared to a rough surface. If you do have dry skin, try adding a natural element to your signature perfume with a high concentrate of oil. There are many courses online including One Willow Apothecaries that help you deepen your knowledge of herbs for personal power and of course, apothecary. 

Ultimately, once you feel your third eye has opened, it will be safe to say you can start the creation process. Here are a few perfumeries that support an ethical philosophy:

Sillages Paris

One Seed

The Grapeseed Company

Ol Factory NYC

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