Who is Rad + Raw? / Contact

Our Mission Statement:

Rad + Raw is an indie digital magazine house highlighting human interest, rebellious fashion, activism, music, and more based in our mothership of Toronto, Ontario. As we are for cultivating a space for those that continue an empowering dialogue, we as a publication decided to exclude profit from sites that provide services such as web monetization. Since articles such as our human interest series collect thousands and thousands of views, we don’t feel it’s appropriate to have a financial gain on one’s vulnerability. This provides us to monitor and select carefully with whom we collaborate that may involve compensation without hurting our ethics. Rad + Raw started out as a project for founder Sadie (Mercedes) Kromm to break boundaries in journalism. From industry professionals feedback, we have successfully supplied “thought-provoking” and overall great “questions” going into any interview we host.

Social Media:

Twitter: @RadandRaw

Instagram: @radandrawmagazine

Business Inquiries:

General: radandrawmagazine@gmail.com

Editor/Founder: sadie@radandrawmagazine.ca

Artistic Director: coco@radandrawmagazine.ca