This is the month of our bromance anniversary may I add. Keeping in good health shouldn’t be a resolution, it should be an “ I’m going to start now, rather than later”. Procrastination won’t lead you to results, the day you start is the day you are one step closer to what you want. Let’s think outside of the box to activities that lead to long-term self-investments that can be daily motivating.

1. Play a little hockey/ get snowboarding

You can exercise without full commitment, both encouraging sports as well “ everyone friendly” may i add. Not to mention it’s an excuse for weekend road-trips. From Toronto, there are tons of places you can snowboard such as Blue Mountain that is a 2-hour drive, making your view quite scenic. Don’t worry, if your environmentally friendly, on the daily, shuttle buses do run from Toronto/GTA. This is a good way to socialise with groups of the same interests and may create a team to travel overseas or to different places to snowboard. Thunder Bay is known and home to producing NHL players, a little old-fashioned pond hockey doesn’t hurt nobody. Hey, if your slapshot is looking like the Staal Brother’s, you might want to consider looking into joining a local league.

  1.  Picking up an instrument

Music therapy, not as promoted as yoga but perfect for one that lives the fast and stressful dash ( which is practically everybody). It can slow you down focusing your full attention on what you’re learning. Meditation and yoga, might not be as effective on an anxious individual. This leading to accidently escaping your breath and focusing on stressful situations. It is non-verbal and can be super relieving. Finding an instructor for any instrument can be found ANYWHERE ( and I mean it) A lot of students create side money off of this, and what better way then lending smiles.

  1. Create a blog/start a business

You are never too old or young to become a self made entrepreneur. Never think you need a huge budget to start out. Grab yourself a small white board from the 99¢ store and start brainstorming. What are you passionate about?. A non-profit organization? a clothing line? or selling your art? Dabble into picking up pieces as a “ foundation” and gradually add to them. Remember, you don’t need the best of the best, get creative and become different. They say if you are in a rush to trying to create success, your longevity will be in a rush to end.

  1. Start a book / Script write

This could either mean you writing or starting a series to read. Both are excellent evening relaxation treatments. Not to mention, one of the options can be year-lasting. Your library is free of charge when possibly wanting inspiration to become an author yourself, the bonus of picking up on a few reads yourself. As a former theater kid, script writing can be a little competitive, but great to improve your craft.

6. Pick up a few courses at your local college

    NOTE: NO HIGHSCHOOL DIPLOMA NEEDED! Most courses ask you to be fluent in English (verbally and written) Certificate courses last a few months and have options for multiple interests. Journalism, fashion design, media, photography and much more that would take us forever to write. Most are a one-time payment looking at 200-300$. If you don’t want to commit to full-time school or want to seek interest before fully enrolling yourself, you can take multiple courses at once in different fields without the pressure of school loans or debt. Even a smart idea of adding it to your resume.

7.  Start personal rejuvenation.

Self-reflecting is a top priority. You can easily loose yourself when in environments that can be toxic and judgmental. Remembering your happiness means more than living a life you don’t want to live. This process can take a while, im not going to lie. It starts with a possible new haircut and maybe creating the wardrobe you see yourself showcasing ( don’t forget to donate old clothing). The people you surround yourself with can reflect on your vibe. Don’t stress about thinking how many friends you will have “ left”, it’s better to slowly add with time create a new circle then have people that simply are stuck in their ways and want you to join them on their sinking ship. Take the time and give it enough to really zoom in on you.

  1. Set a calendar for events coming up.

This can mean, screening’s of new movies, public red carpet events, indie music festivals and political hearings. Whatever you are passionate in, the web is your oyster and use it your advantage. Plan month to month or in advance to secure a spot. Who knows, we might even be where you roam.

  1. Edit your life away/ grab social media by the beard

Social media is the biggest platform to network and who says you can’t make a dime on being creative opinionated or producing visuals. Create slots in your free time to take pictures or start a style instagram of your world inside a screen. Remember to be unorthodox, it will be a pot of gold.

  1. Do a weekend travel journal into your smaller cities/document

Instead of spending money on food outings constantly or pieces of non-life essentials, create a jar for weekly adventures. Just roaming change and smaller bills to start can add up to train costs and snacks along the way. Creating a footprint in day trips to  smaller cities in your area can lead to setting up accommodation in a tourist calling area not far from where you are. Document every trip you make and second hand a camera if you want to share your story online.

Everything takes time and by time, I mean sometimes years. We have to treat our life as a long highway because the destination you end up one day from hard work and consistency, will be beautiful. “Failure” only happens when you decide to quit.

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