There is no doubt that people are getting quite creative with their new ink. But, there is one trend that is slipping just a little bit too much under the radar. Well, I guess because you really wouldn’t know. No doubt, black light tattoos are quintessentially unique that have benefits. Of course, stating obvious where you wouldn’t have to worry about accommodating any kind of job if you’re not too fond of covering up your sleeve tattoo with a rad dress shirt. Hand tattoos? No problem. The downfall is that it can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin, past a little soreness after fresh ink.

Just like regular tattoos, it comes with everyone reacting differently to healing. Some cause itching ( which it’s normal on a steady base of course with healing) but according to Authority Tattoo, UV ink has a higher percentage of causing skin reactions, such as benign lumps ( ie: where ink is clumped together). Glow in the dark tats are commonly made with phosphorous, which is not safe for your skin, what so ever. This shouldn’t stress you out totally but this kind of ink you to have to be extremely, and I mean extremely honest and open, about questions and concerns with the shop of choice. There are options for phosphorus-free UV tattoo inks but this may take a little soul searching to find an artist who truly is educated in this section.

In the meantime, while your way out your pros and cons there is no harm in taking a peek at some of your fellow human’s incredible artwork. Maybe just use the lick and stick tats for the next rave party you attend.

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