You’re not really a Rad and Raw man, if you think hiding behind your oh natural roots this fall is an option.  Late 2016, early 2017 you might have seen or still see a lot of men dye their hair blonde or becoming a teething silver fox. Consider that the ‘safe base’  which won’t happen here, apologies. We don’t DM gents that think bright lights are for the summer, because who wants to stand in the shade ( it’s a very cold place I have you know). Still, a lot of men believe dyeing their hair, or going into the risky color ‘box’ is dripping to the more feminine side. With the cave of colors we chose, will jolt you to slip your name onto the waiting list at your salon, the fresh blue ink is calling.

Prep & Notes

Since you probably booked your appointment in advance with your salon you will have room to prep. As much as your excitement can not be contained with a new look, it’s so important to research top or ‘middle’ weight salons that will not only be honest but have confidence going into your new color. Remember, that if you are a darker haired man that is going bright, depending on your stylists recommendations it might take a few quick stages to get there, it could be all in one day which you will have to book out for 2 colors or you might have to come back once your hair gets a bit of breathing room. Even if you’re putting up the rocker sign to the dark sky, root touch ups are something you still need to keep in mind. Make sure every 6 weeks depending on the rapid growth of your hair, you have that in the budget. 2-3 days before your appointment skip the heat and product. Let your natural oils set in and do not wash your hair. Color sticks to the lip biting dirty, give it a rest as it will most likely be going through a lot. Haircuts or trims can be done mostly anywhere with the right stylist, so if you’re thinking about a new do, make sure its done before your color, this can also knock off a few bucks since your hair will be shorter.

The Color

  1. Let’s call it the vibrant flock, or should I say, I had 6 choices and I wanted them all at once. You defiantly have to intake a good breath of Conor McGregor’s disposition to be jamming with the rhawk. The great part about having the multi-do is that your closet can be as plain-joe as far as the gold can hide. Wearing the same black shirt and retro high tops 3 days in a row, will be the least of your concerns. If you have planned on rocking ear plugs or that risky piercing for a while, this look can ring those wedding bells.

  1. I’ll give you this much, this color is bi-lingual. Especially because it’s a color that was so popular this summer, that its easy to transition for other colors you might want later on or decide to embark now. I won’t leave the pink pearl out. Its not a standout but it’s not blaze. It’s the man in the middle, so I can’t totally delete you out of my contacts for it.  This is also a color that typically is shelved as a semi-permanent, so if your not a commitment kind of guy, at least its your wing-man bringing the rose to the date.  You will for sure need a color correcting shampoo or touch up with a toner.

  1. Rock stars such as Adam Lambert have sport  the chilled colbat. The cartoon scribbles influences to de-colorize each strand to enhance the sun’s glare through your roots. If you’re on the opposite color spectrum and like to stay that way, its an easy-pie to take ship. Adding a few different tones, can add dimension and give it a clean but eccentric touch.

  1. For my men that are rockin’ the dreads this fall, you’re not left out. Give your hair that engine and it will produce the fire with orange ya glad finesse. There is just something so virtuous kind of cocky that red brings, it is something we hail down Mary too. As odd as it sounds its super manageable. I mean you don’t need to worry about the toner or orange and red tones, cause that’s on purpose. Also if you wanted to change the yellow ends it’s easy to put a color on top. Now, we are talking.

  1. Excuse me, who let this dude out….because now I just don’t look as cool anymore and I have to re-think my life’s choices. Is bold an understatement? I don’t know. Scratch the glitter beard or when the electric island isn’t in spell Keep the impressive head nods full-time. Cotton-Candy streaks are eye- fluffing for the hand touching maroon-purple beard. I highly recommend doing a streak test before you find out you have no beard after the dye job. This is if you are doing it at home.


Just because your color is still glowing after a week doesn’t mean it won’t take a turn after the next few washes. Speaking of washes, you might want to keep it at a limit. Toner starts to fade after 6-8 washes, which is not even half the ‘ life span’ before your next hair appointment for touch up. Train your hair to at least be washed twice a week. The more natural oils the better. Talk to your stylist or pick up a shampoo ( like a purple for blondes) that gives your hair extra life. You could always go in for a toner before your next appointment if you’re an individual that has hair that particularly grows slower. Remember, 6-8 weeks is a time frame all stylists give, do not feel pressured to rush back into the chair. When you feel ready, go back.  Heat is never a smile turner especially if you’re a man looking to further your ‘color career’.  The best way to get around not using your blow dryer is washing your hair at night. Trust me your hair will thank you in shine. Keep in mind there are plenty salons like Aveda that uses plant-based and organic alternatives for less damage.

If you want to take on the rainbow yourself, we recommend using brands such as Arctic Fox & L’Oreal Colorista. Arctic Fox ( VEGAN!) has been photographed in beards as well ( hell yeah) Colorista also has options for semi-permanent that completely washes out with a few tries, this, of course, comes with caution for every individual experience, but after testing it out ourselves, it’s Rad + Raw approved.


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