Dodging the cosmetic/beauty testing industry as a man is not as simple as you think. According to the Canadian Law, the definition is broad, described anything that may ” cleanse, improve complexion, skin, hair or teeth” You would think with the electronic and scientific generation we are in, they would develop a robotic, realistic system for safe testing. The European Union, the terra firma of beauty, has banned animal testing in 27 different members. About 100,000-200,000 animals suffer from cosmetic testing every year. To diplomatically put it, these are not just grubby rodents. In the US, taxpayer’s money is often funding these testings.

We believe you do not need to see a paralyzing video to prove how beauty is costing. Below, LUSH has given an animated demonstration suitable for everyone. Also, we listed a few of our fav cruelty-free/vegan skin care products that are economical for any budget. There should be no reason for the true Canadian pride, we need to condone animal testing ( cough, Justin Trudeau)

In no form are we forcing one to follow, why not simply raise awareness on a forgetful subject? Your manliness is not limited to keeping an open heart.

You can search here through the animal-testing database to see which brands are cruelty-free:

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Nice post! I guess it’s even harder for men, huh? Just wanted to mention that The Body Shop is now owned by L’Oreal which unfortunately is still doing animal testing…I’m sure there are other face washes out there!

Hi, thank you for your comment. Though, it is associated by L’Oreal PETA ensures that the Body Shop is still animal cruelty-free, not to mention they extend their help to wildlife and the environment. We have a rad apartment series coming out soon that will be released talking about other skincare products etc for men! We always love to hear recommendations for our readers! Cheers.

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