Unless you’re a present wizard then props to you, loads of Christmas givers are searching ‘ the googles’ to take a look at what creative ideas the human bloggers are suggesting. Hint, to maybe why you are here.

Now you could give a gift card to your bro’s or significant other’s favorite dinner spot or a bottle of their chosen liquor but we thought of a few Christmas proposals to you that vary in price range. Christmas and celebratory holidays are not just for giving luxury gifts or on Santa’s wish list but also creating a few laughs, which is why if you know a lad that is all about creating a great joke or one that can take one, we also added some gag presents that may be suggested for the adult viewer.  Either you’re looking to add a few more gifts to the list or starting your Christmas list, we have categories that would suit any man.

Style – For the man on the ‘ feel good, look good’ run

  1. Leather ( faux too) Jacket – You are probably thinking this isn’t the most economical piece we could suggest, however, its one that is very versatile and I mean who doesn’t look good in a leather jacket. A gift card to dinner would range around $50-100 + a bottle of booze will still cost more than a jacket, not to mention it’s a fashion piece you can easily swoop to find out one’s size. Suits are a major gift most significant others attempt to purchase, but with fitting and look, its best to stick with a piece that is easy to exchange if needed and doesn’t take too much time to pick out. Places like GUESS sell men’s leather jackets for under $100

      2. Customized Boxers – We are taking a look at more of the cheeky side and isn’t listed on our gags list for a reason. I mean what gent wouldn’t want a few new pairs of quality boxers not to mention a gift that is humorously suited to them. There are plenty of sites that do just this, such as and even online shops like Esty. This is not time-consuming but one that will still look well thought out.

    3. Socks in a Pint – We still understand that not every gift would work if you are buying for an acquittance or a new-found friend. There are so many options for men’s socks you can purchase over the holidays that can be worn year round. You can always switch up our suggested pint for a glass catered to that individual’s certain taste to stuff rad socks. It’s not personal yet still classy to take to a get-together dinner. Check out our article we did last month on socks for inspiration HERE 

4. ’ Lucky number’ Sports Jersey OR Practice Jersey – You point out a gent that is a sports fanatic that wouldn’t love his own last name and his lucky number on the back of his favorite team’s jersey. Though, because pro sports apparel can be quite pricey, ‘practice’ jerseys are very affordable and still a thoughtful gift. I mean how can you expect an upcoming athlete to not practice his craft, those jerseys are not handed out like money on their big contract that easily.


Lifestyle – it really isn’t that complicated.

  1. Ink Gift Card

I really liked this idea when we did our last rad apartment series on ink.  You honestly couldn’t believe how thoughtful this could be to someone especially if they want to get ink done that might be pricey in honor of someone or moving on from a past incident. Cutting down the fraction of the cost can do wonders. Sometimes being ‘present’ at the tattoo shop can become awkward if you are not a family member or close friend. This is a perfect way to show that you really care about that person, well enough to impact the rest of their life. We need more heartfelt moments in this world, why not be one of them.

  1. Beer/Wine Garden or tasting pass

One of the more relaxing and luxury prezzies you can give, that is also a futuristic one as well. Yeah, its great to give a gift that the present receiver can use, but sometimes in the early New Year, it can be quite stressful. Why not give the gift of serenity of a wine garden and or a flavourful beer tour. Most gardens and tours are not always open during the winter months so it’s a New Year reminder to look forward to something sweet and savory.

  1. Old Fashioned Barber Supplies

Supply a gent with antique vintage tools for future beard tackling journeys after a long Movember. However, with such a worldwide movement  Movember is we must continue to raise awareness every day of the year on men’s health issues. You can visit for more information on how you can get involved and donate. * Cue the barbershop quartets *

  1. An old School Bike

If you’re living in the big city and a public transit user, you know the daily frustrations of a packed subways or delays. An old-fashioned bike is not only trendy but extremely useful as another form of transportation with weather cooperating weather. Just make sure to note, a lock goes a long way. Again, it’s trendy and also highly valuable.

  1. French Press

Who doesn’t like to warm up to a good cuppa in the morning? The best part of this gift is you can add little extras like quality- fair trade coffee without spending a bunch. If your job is having a Secret Santa, this would be a gender friendly gift with an easy way out.

Gag Gifts – 18+ –

A laugh can take you to the New Year

  1. Karma Sultra Sexy Scratcher Lottery Ticket – com
  2. Inflate a date – com
  3. Boob Ear Muffs – com
  4. Pole Dancer Gift Wrap – com
  5. How to Pick up Chicks T-Shirt – Buzz Shirts (can be purchased through amazon)

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