Quintessential Apps for Everyman – ( Style, Travel, Health, Fitness + More)

I couldn’t count how many times I take a look at the apple store top charts list and am quite disappointed. Yeah, I know..instagram is a hit already and a few rounds of some random unicorn game lasts me a few minutes of not experiencing awkward eye contact. What are those very few that I won’t delete after a week of using or features I need that is right at my fingertips ( literally, and maybe a tap here and there)? Downloading and taking a closer look at each feature, save your time and let us deal with the 900 million un-needed pop-up adverts.

( Style) App – ‘Well Dressed’

Opening the app for the first time was quite pleasing. You can call this your stylist on the go and or ‘little helper’ for an event in the upcoming weeks. Well Dressed allows you to pick 5 outfits in a few different categories – such as casual and work appropriate. All at the same time you can implement what location, the meter of how casual or formal you want your outfit.  The super cool part is that later you can choose a photo of a celebrity that resembles your closest features so you have a pretty good idea of how you will look like. Subscription and on a budget? Can I get a hell yeah?

(Style) App – Mod Man

When cleaning out your closet or a weekly laundry load, do you find yourself surprised, remembering what pieces you bought and haven’t worn yet? Closet organization can be made easy when it’s all on your device. Before hanging up your threads, take a clear picture of each item you’re keeping, upload them to Mod Man and you can start to create looks, lookbooks and even set a timer when to wear a certain outfit. The interesting feature Mod Man has is that you can also purchase pieces on the app, say you really like an outfit for a certain occasion but missing a little ‘somethin, somethin’. It’s a closet and fitting room all in one.  Also, if you see a certain thread that you would love to gift yourself in the future, you can take a picture of it with notes and add it to your wish list.

( Travel & Transportation)  – Rocket Man

If you live in the city, you’re going to need this app, even if you have your own vehicle. Rocket Man recognizes public transit stops and bike sharing stations in your area. Anything can happen at any time and not always the perfect mode of transportation will work out so its best you have an app that can figure out where you are and how you can get direct assistance if needed. You can also see where the vehicle is in real time.

( Travel & Transportation) – Hopper

With 95% accuracy in saving you a deal, Hopper is your personal travel booker and a reminding service when your flight price drops. They have 24/7 assistance if you need to cancel a flight or have any questions prior, which can be rare for an app. They also have features where you can see the fine print such as seat selection, 1st and second checked bags prices and carry on allowances. All from a mobile device, I mean come on!

(Health) App – Daily Water

So this app helps state the obvious – the importance of drinking water. If your health conscious, hate fatigue and love healthy looking skin, this may just be the perfect buddy for you.

You can set how many cups of water you would like to achieve, a ‘mom’ reminder to drink water on time and you get to keep a water log. The app also asks if you’re in a hot or cold season, this is a ‘cool’ feature to adjust how much water you really need. This app isn’t ideal just for an athlete, it’s one anyone can use and receive multi-benefits from.

(Health & Fitness) – 8Fit

Personal. Trainer. – It’s that simple. 8Fit asks all the questions a typical personal trainer would go through, measure your fitness level, create custom workouts and meal plans. The best part is you don’t need the gym, all plans take 15-20 minutes to do at home. They have tons of features like diet filters, grocery shopping list,  interactive video/programs, fat burning, and bodyweight exercises – the list goes on and on.  The app is so on point, that it also gives you the option to choose what body shape is the closest to you when you start, so it gives that extra mile for accuracy. Note: Everything you should ever do, is in moderation, never try to create unrealistic progression. With anything, we recommend you speak to your doctor if any negative thoughts on your appearance or unregular issues with your body such as throwing up, fainting etc. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you!

(Essentials) AppInstacart

I can raise my hand when forgetting certain ingredients when cooking or be baking for a group of people. Knowing I have a very limited amount of time, and can’t leave my bake goods sitting alone, I attempt to use what I got to substitute. Instacart is a grocery delivery service that will track your nearest grocery store and they say – your order will be at your door as little as an hour. How charming.

Few other apps you need to keep on lockdown & key features:

  1. Uber Eats – You can contact the individual delivering your food instead of calling the restaurant and getting the same answer over and over again where your food might be.
  2. Airbnb – I know probably the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘air’ *sarcasm* but it’s an essential to have when you’re a traveler or looking for a home away from home vacay. Who wouldn’t want a luxury condo or retro loft without paying an insane amount for the time staying?
  3. . Groupon – Major $ saver and expands your creativity for outings and activities. Instead of wasting $50 bucks doing the same thing every weekend, you would be so surprised at what you may find.
  4. . Streaming sports – ESPN, CBS Sports + more. This guarantees you from not having a hacked device or virus ending up on your computer or phone. Saving that for the pros.

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