Chances are if you are an avid MMA viewer, you will be tuning into the U229 event. Now, as a McGregor fan, this long-awaited return to the octagon is quite an exciting time for friends and family to get together to watch the fight. Not everyone can drop airfare and ticket coin in the bucket so we decided to put together a quick and creative décor list that can be produced in a moments notice or under a week (this would be the case with fast shipping/internet). The best part about having a gathering is everyone can at least chip in a few bucks to cover the PPV cost if needed. Also if you are an incredible host, which we are setting you up to be, anyone can understand helping out in an under budget way. You might just have your neighbors living in jealousness saying “ Who the fook is this guy?”

Standard Decor – The best place to find your wall decorating pieces is Red Bubble and Etsy to give the arena like feel. We found these economical flags from Amazon and Banner Buzz, so when each guest arrives they can have a flag chosen by their favorite fighter.

Games/ Game Prizes – You defiantly want this under your ‘belt’ since it is a long road to the main card. The games list can include, picking up a few blank wraps that we found on sale for $4 at SportsChek. Each guest will be given wrap and of course markers or other essentials. Whoever comes up with the most creative looking wraps can win a gift basket or prize ( shown below) Another fighter themed game is by splitting guests into 2 groups with 1 blank blazer each. If you watched the McGregor vs Mayweather presser, Conor’s ‘fuck you’ suit went viral. Again, whatever team at judges decision wins the round, can either win a prize and of course, keep the jacket. By making it even more interesting, in a hat, place a few fighters names on a slip of paper, this can be from 229 or favorites in general. Whatever name the team picks out of the hat, they must create a jacket around the characteristics of that fighter.

Octagon Style Food/Drinks section – I don’t know how in gods name I ever came up with this but if you are a dog owner or just interested in getting as whacky creative, this will be the main attraction. Instead of having a boring ol’ table as your chips/ drinks counter. Place a black matt or something stable underneath the steel cage pen or at least to give extra height for guests to reach. Feel free to decorate the pen…I mean the octagon.. such as adding UFC 229 sign, inspired by the fight or the bloody game ( ketchup goes a long way) and much more.

Though you will see Rad + Raw loud and clear at some bar bitting our nails anxiously awaiting Khabib and Conor’s arrival. At the end of the day, we know the fighters will put on a great show, outside of their bus.

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