There really is some truth to “ There ain’t no mountain high enough”. I knew I wanted to start this mini-series as one that doesn’t showcase big box office films unless it’s a documentary that needs to have a rad and raw chat. Sometimes, I feel the heart and the soul are not exuding from the screen when it’s showcased in  Hollywood fantasy mode. I always feel rushed or I silently hear the producers words of if we put ‘this in’ it will for sure make us 20 million over our budget. I like simplicity, not an over amount of effects or crazy surround sound. I take away the underlying points of the film, the story and how it is showcased, especially watching another human’s work unfold.

I picked this film because I knew it had more than one meaning. Not just the sake of mountain extremists or those that continuously break boundaries literally, but sometimes we fall short of siking ourself out to do what we really want to achieve because it creates fear and danger.

Mountain created small mini-films in my head, reminiscing my childhood such as those candy rocks you would have in elementary school, or the whipped cream on top of frozen fruit you would be excited to have after dinner. They showed clips of regular folk skiing and snowboarding on massive hills as well demonstrated the overpopulation of humans all in one space. Only a few weren’t there – those scaling mountains, riding dirt bikes on edges and pushing their feet into the dirt to lift them up to a secure place after hanging from the edge couldn’t possibly fathom protection. Its true these days life activities are becoming more glamorized and ‘safe’. We are always finding ways to do something that can ‘kind of’ fulfill us and practically doing things half-ass yet, an extreme hiker and one that walks a safe trail are both called ‘ mountain hikers’.  A snowboarder that willingly conquered an avalanche on one of the tallest mountains in the world is still called just a ‘snowboarder’ next to the human that went down the biggest mountain in the resort. We find ways to go around the mountain instead of going over it so we don’t feel rush and danger because we don’t want to put the time and effort to feed the hunger, so we give our hunger continuous appetizers.  Those that climb mountains are half in love with themselves and half in love with oblivion” 

The film was extremely peaceful and relaxing. It could have had more narration or maybe interviews with the individuals shown, I always believe storytelling from the heart of a human, will cast a spell of true feeling to others listening.  Though I did hear a few people say the same leaving the theatre, I do believe if they did have more narration or storyline, you wouldn’t be able to take a certain meaning away from the movie, or certain interpretation for yourself – moving forward.

You are an ant on your dreams mountain, why don’t you want to grow? Why don’t you want to become bigger to conquer that mountain? “ Risks are often taken by those that have the least”

Why cover the cracks with snow? Why not feel the rocks and dirt yourself? Oh, is it because your new bought jeans will get scuffed up? or your nails will feel soil? Is it because you are fearful that you are not strong enough to conquer the tallest mountain you will ever see called life? Your practice run starts now.

This is the trailer.

Illustration by: Sadie Kromm


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