With Fashion Revolution just passing we thought we would dedicate all of our articles for a Rad + Raw version of an eco month. Eco-fashion in womenswear has taken off but it’s rare you find brands solely dedicated for men and not to mention just as dope with prints, color and retro/vintage vibes ( anything that floats your rootbeer boat…). We wanted to not only re-use a few pieces for our threads/shit n stuff capsule guide but gathered footwear that is outside of the regular shoebox and into a spaceship of earthy tones and funky mesh recycling bin. The great part about digging into the web’s codes is finding new brands that add diversity to your wardrobe, that actually makes you stand out and this might also start up a conversation of where you purchased your new digs and introduce them to sustainability. We want to make a pledge to continue to have articles like this in the mix and showcase brands and pieces you might not have yet to see. I think we are a little over the regular box-stores, even though the rad and raw community do scope out hidden treasures anywhere our eyes follow.  Our publication’s point is to always be a maverick, so what are we waiting for? This fictitious footwear closet we chose is a trail mix of a few shops all across the world – so you really are putting your footprint on this earth. All shown are vegan to boot.


We got really excited when we saw this high top. Living in Toronto, I have yet to see footwear exactly like this on men. I love how clean it is ( until that one child who kicks dirt on it) and allows the patches to standout  Either a dress pant or jean would tango perfectly – for a man that doesn’t like to have too many soles laying around his flat. *lightsabers not included, but recommend for all ages, must stop at rad + raw headquarters for a competition – that is all*

Sole Rebels –

I am a massive fan of shoes that are made out of material. There is something so raw and organic looking about them. They will always have that slight appearance of uncommon. Though coffee would not be a great date with these, the spring sunshine would – making the crisp reds sparkle.



We had to throw in a floral following our ‘lookbook’ from last month. Trainers have become massive especially with jeans – they give the 60’s school gym shoe a new spin. The fact you can find a pair like this mocking the traditional classics that are vegan and eco-friendly, you know these were made with love and quality that will last you a long time.



Ap Rain

To be frank, it’s rare you find a pair of rain shoes that are actually, well…are appealing and attractive. The forecast on these modern, clean and technology savvy looking active shoe doesn’t predict the ‘oh hell no’ meme. Ap Rain can be purchased through Nice Shoes, for my Vancouverites. This is not making a joke out of the frequent downpour or anything, but coming from someone who lived there for 13 years – you might just need these!


Unicorn Goods-

It might be time to depart the Chelsea boot dock when you see these. The burnt orange tones and contrast of rustic texture – are so satisfying when a newly fitted denim are paired ( I am seeping in men’s stylist tears) A boot like this becomes even more attractive as it ages especially when it gets kicked around a little. Though I do appreciate the out of the box smell and look, take this lucky boot through all the shit n stuff life takes you.


Can you imagine these with a retro suit and puffed out pirate shirt underneath because I can. This shoe makes your imagination go crazy if you picture different scenarios with it, think of it as a long-term relationship. The thick looking laces can easily play a military outfit but as well a show stopper on its own.  I would recommend going a little wild with this kick, its made for outrageously cool lads


Natural World

The look of this boot screams meditation, and what I mean by that is its easy on the eyes and can compliment a washed out outfit fairly well – for those days you don’t really feel like putting much thought into what you are wearing. For a visual – think Kanye x a plant powered office.

Nae –

Oooo dude, these are super unique and made for a techy guy that wants to bring his bulletin board and power stickies on the go. Can I give a style tip? If you are having a joggers and white dress shirt kind of day, this would be a shoe to pick. It’s not considered classy of course, but it’s very ‘interior décor persona’ very cliche *in a French accent* and architecturally pleasing.


Grandt Mason – Limited Edition

If it’s limited edition you know it’s a fun shoe. I feel like you could add wings to this and take off – that’s how funky and city superman this is. I wish more men would be risky enough to add such a color to their wardrobe. By color theory, pink is romantic, charming and youthful. So if you have been lacking on your color pills lately, this should even out your bloodstream.



Compassionate Closet –

Has there ever been a time where you look at an article of clothing or in this instance a shoe and go ‘ wow that would really look good with my ink” Just me? Anyway, this is a totally badass boot and it has a rebellious glare just waiting to beam. You can style it really un-done like an ‘ I walked for miles’ vibe or perfectly in a knot. Olive is timeless and your watch is telling you to find time to snag a pair like this.



A WEB FIND: Hey you found it! and if your reading this wondering why we are saying that, we hide cool finds in our articles every month, well now starting today, every month. Use this vegan calculator HERE http://thevegancalculator.com/ to see how much water, forest, grain etc you have saved just by cutting out animal products in your lifestyle!

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