You see bandana’s on faces at Coachella, hanging from lad’s back pockets and even making an appearance peeking out of dress shirt pockets. There are many different ways you can style this certain print without overdoing it and making it cheesy.  Though red is the most popular as it stems from the biker lad/chick decade we thought we would keep it real simple and clean but still making it unique enough by choosing a variety of methods and even dabbling away from the typical print such as the shirt option we have chosen. You can also dress bandana print up to the max, we challenged this and left some bling inspiration.  If you do decide to switch out a few of our recommendations of styling, always keep note that everything else should be a solid color that is based on that principle bandana item, unless you are creating accents such as the shirt we paired with the slight sleeve print. If you can believe that pairing was not originally together, little dabs into detail really pull an outfit together and ups the presentation.

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