They say the coolest dudes take risks, which if you came across this article with high interest, you can confidently invite yourself to a whole new world of suits. More and more male celebrities are taking risks at events like the met gala, going well above than just the theme and even awards shows like the Grammy’s. So watching these fashionable lads pass by on your screen with popcorn in hand, a thinking bubble pops up and practically screams, why the hell can I not dress just like that? Though brands like Gucci are home to the coolest and most rocker like suits on this planet, we found a few that takes the same spin into something sooooo off the cuff. The best part of styling a novelty suit is don’t. You only need a black dress shoe, which if you invest in a really good pair you can spend the rest of your pocket change on different assembles and of course quality white and black dress shirts. Especially in the summer, it can be warm, I would recommend keeping the pant tighter fitted so you can roll up the bottoms, leaving your ankles a little breezy. If you are not totally feeling the ones we picked out but want to snoop around for yourself, it seems that Oppo Suits is the key place to search as it seemed most online retailers were leading us back to their collections.

Oppo Suits
Stir Clothing Co
Smiffys ( Joker inside detailing)

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