Walking on the Wild Side in the Great Outdoors…

Can you hear it? Probably not at this moment. However, if you embark on a journey beneath the stars, in plush wooded forests, you will hear the beauty of mother nature. The kind of sounds that are forbidden in the rush hour madness of the city.

Thousands of Canadians, some say we invented the lumberjack of the outdoors, “camping”. As a kid, one remembers laying out a rusty covered map, declaring the destination of choice. Walking the trails to wide open waters, in which one can drop off a dock, and swim for hours, roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, and yes there is always that one uncle that will strum his acoustic around the traditional campfire. It’s a site for sore eyes and the ears are summoned to the natural sounds all around us. The valuable perk about camping, it has no boundaries, mother nature accepts us all whether we are experienced or a newbie to the wide open spaces.The cool thing about camping, while you may need a few good pieces, it doesn’t have to put a strain on your wallet. I would like to introduce you to a few necessities before you pack yourself up and hit the road.

Let’s talk about the “tent”, the choices are unlimited. The famous brand “Coleman” can accommodate any traveler(s) to the 6 person family size. If you like a lot of room, it is suggested to upgrade the size of your tent. If you are like me, directions in popping up your tent, is a necessity, regardless the repetitiveness of your seasonal adventure. You can lock yourself down from 125 to the 300 range. The sleeping bag, warmth, texture, material, lbs. Sounds simple but have you ever zipped yourself up realizing you feel like a mummy with no wiggle room? The hooded sleeping bag,(the mummy bag) exists for when those temperatures, that tell your head and toes, yikes!! Price points 80 to 200.   Extra comfort is essential, an air mattress provides that little extra for your back.

It may seem a bit overwhelming, in all that you need in the equipment category, but without some, you may have your pole without the fish so to speak.The Coleman stove is a staple in all equipment boxes. Don’t forget your gas and not the one for your car to light it up. Can you see in the dark, probably not, and not one to stumble, without your mighty lantern. Yes, there will be light, for the bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, careful not to run into the neighboring bear. Tarps, what in goodness name are those, well they very well could provide that coverage from the sun or light rain, if you don’t want to take refuge in your tent. You can recognize them by their color, either green or blue, without camping rope to tie the four corners around any trees, you will be hopeless with this less than flattering piece of plastic hovering around you. The cooler! And not just for a beer or a spritzer of your choice. Built-in compartment for ice will keep all your necessary refrigerated items cold as the ice. You have choices too numerous to mention, however, there is a difference between hard and soft cases, size, depending on the length of your days in the woods.

The one most important item, I can’t live without is coffee. You can perk your coffee over your Coleman stove, the taste of a fresh cup of coffee amidst your morning surroundings is total bliss. Your camping kitchen should of course also include cookware and utensils. For savvy price points Coleman is very reasonable, and quality that will last the many of your camping adventures. I do recommend checking out your local re-run camping stores, craigslist, Kijiji, and even yard sales, for your good finds, there are deals to be had for every camping buck. The most important point before planning the road to camping is the list. It is inevitable to pre-plan, research, and the list all items before leaving home. There is no turning back, nor would you want to.

Long before you have ever made the decision to embark on a wilderness adventure, where the adventure takes place where close to home or beyond the Rocky Mountains. As far east as St. Johns NFLD to the mighty Alberta (Banff & Jasper) go west to Vancouver Islands, there is a destination within all of us. Each province does have their own ministry of tourism guide to campsites within Canada, however, if you would like to peruse and choose the particulars of your wooded tour, you can consult HERE 

Also, review.com’s reached out to us to provide extra coverage for further air mattress buzz for this article HERE they in quote, compared 11 popular models, consulted with chiropractors and a physicist, and watched for things like ease of inflation and amount of air loss overnight. You can say you’re in good hands, or should I say, you’re in for a good night’s sleep.

So come on take a walk on the wild side, leave your phones, and tablets to the city buzz, don’t look back, and just enjoy the peaceful, serene surroundings. Good Karma.

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