The apple and cinnamon smell greets you the moment you walk through the doors. Almost as if you are baking strudel under yellow dimmed hippie lights. With the calming aura matching the chill people, it was easy to catch everyone’s wave.

We started out on a hunt for some creative décor. No doubt did they swoon our up cycle hearts. The ukuleles were perfectly displayed, walking you into your imagination of being in a cozy hunt, hearing the sounds echo. Upcycling IT! had every hipster’s hips turn to the vinyl display ( Bowie’s and Johnny Cash was our favorite one). I think OOAKS is important for everyone to visit due to the extreme importance to showcase diversity in material, how it was made and reusing fabrics. Instead of just displaying all factory distributed products most lack.

If there was one thing we wouldn’t miss it would be the clothing. There is where we spoke to Lennard Taylor, about the men’s fashion industry and his archetypal artistic garbs. With a one up on his original artwork that you can view HERE  his pieces are just as maverick as our soul can get.

There was a little wiggle room for being ” hangry”, which led us to fast walking towards the bright portal of food galore. Picking up vegan garlic spread ( holy shit does that taste good with pasta) and truffle veggie chips. In the midst of all the glorious food gods was Penny Candy Jam. If I could just live in that jar for the rest of my life, I would be content. With the hard decision, we went with Blueberry♥’s lavender + mint. Let me tell you from a former jam maker ( I was 4) and expert ( kind of) hands down eccentric and flavoring was to a T. Most Jam’s are just so classic and can be quite the bore, so I was elated to bring home a jar for myself.  Shop Penny Jam

You can check out more of the products at this season’s show HERE and for a lady in mind, that would enjoy a gift ( or if you don’t, I accept peace offerings) Don’t be bummed you didn’t get a chance to pursue yourself, OOAKS does have a Christmas show, which you should probably bring a white-bearded gentleman with you. I am just confirming it is Santa, your taking.

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