A few reads for your journey…

Can I see a few hands raise to my tea loving, slow music café, book in hand gentlemen? It is ever so often, you put down the electric attraction of the cellar vibrations to take time to leave it on silent and keep your eyes on the fine print of ink. You may ‘forget’ that picking up a good ol’ book can help prevent Alzheimers & Dementia, keeping your brain mentally stimulated. LifeHack.org also states that reading can also improve your analytical thinking skills, improve focus, concentration and tranquility. All things that are beneficial in unpredictable job interviews, self-confidence and who doesn’t love extra knowledge for bragging rights over a cup of joe. Hey, Ashton Kutcher did say the sexiest thing in the world is being really smart.

With a few paper cuts and fingertips we gently thumb through each folio assembling a few reads that will make your ticker strum for poetry, get in touch with your ladylike energy, be in the mood to find your own ‘man’s best friend’ or feel the ‘ hurting, the healing and the loving’ synopsis.  These books create a mini-runaway to paradise.

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