After scoping out a few new spots for our Rad readers to visit, we wanted to try something that was a little different to taste than just the regular stacked burger or fries ( which we still will cover for grub on the go). It’s very hard to find places that are authentic, have vegan options besides a salad and vibin’ ethnic food that caters to veganism/vegetarian. So, when I found Saigon Lotus close to the hub of Kensington market,  I grabbed my keys and went. This whole series, I can promise you will always be food that is economical or spots you can visit every now and then that won’t make your wallet cry salt. I wish I could give some advice/ criticism when visiting Saigon Lotus but um….there is none. The people are extremely polite, their ph-OOD menu has a bit of everything for everyone and especially the fact you can order so much and still be under the $30 mark for 2, is very appealing. Unfortunately, we did order a vegan combo but that didn’t make..the picture, we were too excited to try it before my phone could make it in time.  Bonus, they are open Monday-Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm. Make sure to stop by – they have a vast drink menu – for every hour!

What we had

  • Mango Non-Dairy Bubble Tea – $4.00
  • Vegan Combo #1 – $11.00
  • Pho Vegan ( Small) – $9.00

Price: 5/5   Food: 5/5  

If you have a spot you want to try out in Toronto ( that’s vegan plz) or an honest restaurant review, leave a comment below – we will spend the dime for you!



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