Walking to our table, a bright face and a big smile with noticeable vegan pins sat down, ready to get into a conversation. Her professionalism and work ethic may have been practiced while studying at The University of Toronto, double majoring in English and Information, Communications technology. But sometimes showbiz has a weird way of grasping those tools in an odd way unpredictably and that’s exactly what happened to Sana Bella.

At a point of time at the age of 30, growing into a confident bold woman, which she said she didn’t have growing up, Sana decided to take acting classes and improv to see how things go. The first gig she ever did was in Mississauga at a Yuk Yuk’s and she explained how it was a really good venue for young, amateur talent before the spot closed down. She met those in the industry prior and realized how great of a life they had, sort of speak.  “I started writing jokes in 2015 and by 2016 I hit the mic. The rest is history.”

Sana refers to jokes as “gold jokes” a small tip of the hat to the show Seinfeld. She noticed when she used to talk about other celebrities people would zone out or not know who she was talking about. Sana then decided to just refer back to herself and life experiences which started to mold her set.  But as a viewer watching those consume each joke, it seems like audiences crack at dirty humor oppose to something personal they may relate to. “I think at the end of the day, it depends on delivery,” said Sana. “I have written some jokes such as about marriage and my parents and they are clean and have had the biggest laugh from it. When comedians discuss topics such as sex on stage, it comes down to that I am here for a laugh, want to relax and have a good time.

When life gets in the way while shows are just around the corner, sometimes it can be difficult to prepare content or simply carry on enthusiasm for the event. For Sana to get out her “writer’s slump” she likes to simply take a walk or even while she was driving to the interview she found minuscule observations that she can create an act around. But she also has the option of looking back into her archives and to pull out material. Which is exceptional motivation to keep on going, because one day you will have a great collection for any stage you conquer. Sana also said she likes to try to write a joke at least every week, as that helps her out.

With an industry that is male-dominated. Sana breaks those boundaries of being funny and feminine. For her sometimes she is only the female to hit the mic and stated it can be a challenge but she revels in that. “It’s amazing to be the only one representing the gender. To me, I thrive off of it, and I look at that performance and say to myself, hey your going to have to wrap your game and really ensure you at least get 18 laughs today, don’t bum out or disappoint this crowd. Sana laughed. “This is my passion and if I don’t do so well that’s okay.

I wondered why it took me so long to go back to admiring her pins on her jacket, as promoting veganism slipped in and out of every few sentences throughout the chat. Of course, from a comedian’s standpoint we had to wonder what is one vegan joke she is tired of hearing about but before she could even say anything, the words exactly came to my mind….

But bacon though

That one gets me every time.” sighed Sana. “I don’t think anyone has said it to me because they know I would respond poorly to it. The fact that they choose their palette over the life of an animal is sad. I also hear about B12 or iron and those after one month claiming how their levels dropped. I have been vegan for 6 years and haven’t had meat in 16 years and I am getting all of my energy from the earth. Eventually, it will come to a halt and we just have to give it some time.”

Women supporting women is a powerful thing but embracing each individual and the gift they have received as all humans can dominate the world. To keep up with Sana and her obvious but not too obvious love for Drake follow her on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE


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