Year 2 of Rad + Raw attending StartUp Fashion Week and it has yet (and by yet I mean never) to disappoint. From forming great connections with upcoming designers and tech extraordinaire, It’s the paradise of start-up queens and kings just before they reach the heights of success. Us, being always cautious of ethical fashion and vegan brands, we were delightfully excited to see a B.O.S.S brand, Jonah Jay producing just exactly what we were looking for. A few days prior to showcase, I spoke with Jilian Naiberg, Founder and CEO behind the high-quality vegan leather threads. We discussed the future expansion of her brand and how she wishes her female consumers feel in her clothing.

With a background fashion and design. Jilian was working for a company that focused on bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers. Though it was a great collaboration process, she felt she wanted to turn her visions into reality instead of someone else’s. “I was working retail at the time and I realized there was a gap in the market for a high-quality vegan option at a medium price point” spoke Jilian. “There was either a real leather pair of leggings for $1,500 or $90 on something that may look a bit more on the cheaper side. I wanted to fit that middle ground. It was my way of getting into the market’.

Jilian also included that her material is very easy to maintain, in terms of what makes Jonah Jay different. You can throw all of her vegan leather in a cold wash cycle, lay it out to dry and wear it again. You can also iron it on the reversed side of the fabric too, which is a major plus when packing and traveling. She believes that keeping lines and the silhouette of her designs clean elevates the style to which we have to agree.

Before creating all of these beautiful threads, we had to know what the Jonah Jay mood board looks like and of course what it consumes. “All of my collections so far has been black. I think for me it looks expensive and classic. For the most part, it’s geometric shapes and if I could reference another designer it would be Stella McCartney, who really pioneered this whole effort into vegan fashion. She herself as well doesn’t get too crazy with her silhouettes

For our rad viewers, you get to have a mini style sesh right here with Jonah Jay’s pieces. We asked:

What pieces would you recommend in for a night in and a night out?: I have a pair of faux suede joggers, that are my perfect lounge pants and the best part about them is that you can watch a movie, grab a stiletto to get ready and be in the same pair of pants. My going out option would be an asymmetrical one shoulder top and if you want a layering piece our best seller is the Mikkie Blazer. It’s one of those where you can throw over a dress or a pair of jeans. It’s very versatile. Adding to the extra love and confidence Jilian said: “It’s also one of the major appeals with the leather look for me, it can make a woman feel fierce and so effortless. To me when I am ready to go out, I feel put together and strong”.

 For the expansion of Jonah Jay, possibly gearing towards the spring. She would like to move into a little bit of color assuming for her it looks classy. But keep your eye out for faux furs that will keep you Canadian warm for next fall.

Check out Jonah Jay’s Instagram HERE and keep up to date with SFW Toronto and Montreal HERE

Below are extra editorial we took from the show.


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